Tod Engine Foundation

Youngstown, Ohio

The final stop on our journey was the Tod Engine Foundation in Youngstown OH.  Being built by Rick Rowland the Tod engine was rescued from a mill, moved to its' present site and is being reassembled to provide a memorable example of our industrial heritage.

Updated 14 August 2009:  NORM JONES PHOTOS

DSC06751.jpg (123566 bytes)  Rick Rowland

DSC06752.jpg (121814 bytes)  DSC06753.jpg (97212 bytes)  DSC06754.jpg (223013 bytes)  DSC06755.jpg (224336 bytes)  DSC06761.jpg (280446 bytes)  DSC06756.jpg (164291 bytes)  DSC06757.jpg (158478 bytes)  DSC06758.jpg (155966 bytes)  DSC06759.jpg (130790 bytes)    DSC06762.jpg (134548 bytes)  DSC06763.jpg (152345 bytes)    DSC06765.jpg (231122 bytes) It is not possible to comprehend the size of the Tod engine from photos.

DSC06760.jpg (165667 bytes)  DSC06777.jpg (186382 bytes)  DSC06782.jpg (161060 bytes)  The traveling crane will be installed after the building is erected.  It is of 1890 vintage.

DSC06783.jpg (167680 bytes) This hundred ton capacity hook will be mounted out front as a sculpture.

DSC06764.jpg (212559 bytes)  Form for building support member 

 DSC06766.jpg (136174 bytes)  DSC06767.jpg (223926 bytes)  DSC06768.jpg (159452 bytes)  DSC06769.jpg (124572 bytes)  DSC06770.jpg (164022 bytes)  DSC06773.jpg (130996 bytes)  DSC06774.jpg (120816 bytes)  DSC06775.jpg (191491 bytes)  DSC06776.jpg (130300 bytes)  DSC06790.jpg (151151 bytes)

DSC06771.jpg (131162 bytes)  Now, THOSE are some serious bolts          

DSC06780.jpg (209322 bytes)  DSC06788.jpg (250139 bytes)  DSC06778.jpg (172335 bytes)     DSC06789.jpg (141911 bytes) The crane is a recent acquisition of the Foundation. The third photo shows the worn track pins that have been removed and one of the new ones that replaced it.

DSC06784.jpg (184586 bytes)  These are clips that hold sections of the flywheel together

DSC06785.jpg (148951 bytes)  DSC06786.jpg (225051 bytes)  DSC06787.jpg (267081 bytes)    

DSC06791.jpg (179620 bytes)  These steam pipes run under the engine and weigh over 6000 lbs each      

DSC06794.jpg (300973 bytes)  DSC06792.jpg (202467 bytes)DSC06793.jpg (184318 bytes) Connecting rods with cross heads.  The bearing surface is Babbitt and will be replaced eventually.

DSC06795.jpg (145711 bytes)  DSC06796.jpg (160793 bytes)  DSC06797.jpg (196438 bytes)  DSC06798.jpg (140138 bytes)  DSC06799.jpg (105175 bytes)  DSC06800.jpg (149098 bytes)  DSC06801.jpg (204845 bytes)  DSC06802.jpg (191903 bytes)  DSC06804.jpg (133903 bytes)  Rick's spare time, at home, project is this Uniflow engine and rolling mill.  The Uniflow will be moved to the Foundation site and used for demonstrations of the rolling process.

DSC06807.jpg (140485 bytes)  OK.  The absolute final stop was Grizzly in Muncy PA.  Managed to get out without spending any money.  Amazing!

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