Op-Sail 2012

New London, CT

July 6, 7 and 8th

Photo Slide Show HERE and video HERE

This year New London is celebrating the anniversary of the War of 1812 with a special gathering of tall ships and other festival acitivities.  These include a visit by the U.S. Navy's Carter Hall a Landing Ship Dock LCAC carrier.  http://www.carter-hall.navy.mil/  LCAC is military for Landing Craft Air Cushion,  hovercraft in civilian speak.  To open the weekend the Carter Hall sent one of its' LCACs to "storm the beach" in Niantic CT a short distance from New London. 

Thousands of people gathered to watch the craft approach the beach and land.  After they took on some of the Op Sail dignitaries the launched off the beach and took the big wigs for a short cruise in the bay then returned to re-land on the beach and discharge a Hummvee and large assault vehicle. Pretty impressive I must say.

DSC05615.jpg (208905 bytes) Niantic Bay.    DSC05616.jpg (285457 bytes)  This van arrived, stayed a few moments and departed.  Who knows?

DSC05618.jpg (305953 bytes)  The installation on the far side of the bay is the Millstone Nuclear Power station.

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