Straw Hollow

9 August 2008

When I arrived at Straw Hollow this morning the field was showing the effects of day after day of heavy rain.  About one fifth of the usual area was unusable due to soggy soil.  After touring the grounds looking for Norm Jones' "Ford Hilton" I spotted Russ Steeves and Rich Hubbard.  I pulled in next to them and not too long later Norm arrived.  We set up our displays and got ready for the day.

The weather was very pleasant with only one seriously ominous cloud going over which sent a few drops of rain before going on it's way.

A note about the video clips:  Because they are very large files I suggest retrieving the MPG clips like this,  right click on the camera icon, then left click on "Save target as",  tell your computer where you want the file to be saved then resume browsing.  After the file is saved look at it then delete if desired.  The WMV files should work fine just by clicking on the icon.

DSC04146.jpg (120574 bytes)  DSC04147.jpg (96571 bytes) Left photo is Norm Jones setting up and right photo is Les Russell (R) and another NEMES member whose name I don't recall.. 

DSC04173.jpg (151330 bytes)  Bill Brackett (L) and Norm Jones  DSC04174.jpg (132023 bytes)  Norm chats with a show visitor

  DSC04175.jpg (155506 bytes)  Russ Steeves (in yellow T shirt)  In company with Rich and Russ was Stan Barnes and his wife.  

16Meg  1.5Meg   Stan Barnes' engine and pump

DSC04177.jpg (106357 bytes)  Rollie Gaucher's 1/4 scale Bentley Rotary engine

DSC04178.jpg (138276 bytes)  DSC04179.jpg (127033 bytes)  DSC04180.jpg (77328 bytes)  Norms display with our new roll up sign

DSC04181.jpg (140907 bytes)  Errol Groff's display  The engine on the right is a Double Murdock oscillating engine  

DSC04148.jpg (148731 bytes)  DSC04161.jpg (118823 bytes)  DSC04162.jpg (124909 bytes)  DSC04163.jpg (128083 bytes)  

27Meg    2.2Meg   Jim McDonald's wonderful mechanical carnival

DSC04164.jpg (78830 bytes)  DSC04165.jpg (159785 bytes)  DSC04166.jpg (174480 bytes)  DSC04167.jpg (123607 bytes)  

DSC04149.jpg (142631 bytes)  An old tiller sort of machine displayed by Tom Adkins.  Love that engine in a wheel design  

DSC04150.jpg (159530 bytes)  

DSC04151.jpg (100762 bytes)  Antique pasta maker displayed by Jeff Nelson and his dad.  Along with a lot of other antique food preparation devises.

DSC04152.jpg (167975 bytes)  DSC04168.jpg (138987 bytes)  DSC04169.jpg (150509 bytes) 

DSC04153.jpg (123570 bytes)  35Meg  3Meg    NEMES member Jim Paquette.  Jim is a used tool dealer and when I track down his web address I will post it here.

DSC04154.jpg (134010 bytes)  DSC04155.jpg (130153 bytes)  DSC04157.jpg (120046 bytes)  DSC04158.jpg (65026 bytes)  DSC04159.jpg (156531 bytes)  DSC04170.jpg (159430 bytes)

DSC04156.jpg (149174 bytes)  Tom Harris was patrolling the grounds with this nifty tractor. 

48Meg  4Meg  Very nifty engine made from "found" materials

17Meg  1.4Meg  Four way log splitter

23.7Meg  2Meg  Very handsome Economy engine

DSC04160.jpg (157379 bytes)

DSC04171.jpg (135426 bytes)  DSC04172.jpg (113473 bytes)  32Meg  3Meg  video clips of Dana Hill's engines

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