28th Annual Straw Hollow Engine Show

Boylston, MA

11 August 2007

In keeping with my plan to attend shows that I have not previously attended I headed out this morning at about 7:00 AM with my engines, canopy and Magellan GPS gadget.  The Magellan refused to recognize Boylston MA but did come up with West Boylston.  I guessed (hoped) that the Cross Street in W. Boylston was one of those long streets that runs forever and I would find the Straw Hollow grounds somewhere on it.  Wrong!  The Cross Street in W. Boylston is about 50 yards long and is nowhere near where I wanted to be.  Since I believe in the belt and suspenders approach I had printed out a map the previous evening so I found my was back to Interstate 290 and followed the map.  I soon found the grounds and pulled in and started looking for fellow NEMES members.  Score one for the old fashion way of doing things.

I found Norm Jones' red Ford pickup and plopped my stuff down.  Rich Hubbard and Russ Steeves invited me to share their canopy so I didn't have to set mine up which was OK. 

DSC02652.JPG (124834 bytes)  Seeing these Tonka trucks made me remember when my son was little and would spend hours playing with his trucks.

DSC02653.JPG (199901 bytes) Several exhibitors had a variety of old and antique outboard motors which was a bit unusal in my experience at shows.

Various engines

DSC02654.JPG (154935 bytes)  DSC02655.JPG (152836 bytes)  DSC02656.JPG (119516 bytes)  DSC02657.JPG (104700 bytes)  DSC02658.JPG (152151 bytes)  DSC02661.JPG (189446 bytes)DSC02662.JPG (141920 bytes)  DSC02666.JPG (203537 bytes)  DSC02673.JPG (169171 bytes)      DSC02676.JPG (140257 bytes)  DSC02677.JPG (137298 bytes)  DSC02678.JPG (141115 bytes) DSC02674.JPG (136493 bytes)DSC02675.JPG (106722 bytes)    Video of several engines

DSC02659.JPG (172469 bytes)  Showing once again that one mans "stuff" can be another mans treasure.

  This video makes me think of the expression, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you!

DSC02660.JPG (187588 bytes)  This was an unusual engine.  I did not have opportunity to ask what the ball was.  I would guess however that it is the coolant tank.

DSC02663.JPG (162115 bytes)  DSC02664.JPG (149519 bytes)  NEMES secretary Todd Cahill with his boiler and engines.  Todd's engine are things of beauty, his work is immaculate!

DSC02665.JPG (146469 bytes)  Very cool vertical log splitter    video of the splitter in action

DSC02667.JPG (184639 bytes)  Roll the tractor off, rig the canopy and sit back and enjoy the day

DSC02668.JPG (167890 bytes)  DSC02669.JPG (134232 bytes)  DSC02670.JPG (176792 bytes)  DSC02671.JPG (127653 bytes)  DSC02672.JPG (156917 bytes)

I was very impressed with this display of sparkplugs.  Who knew there was a Spark Plug Collectors of America group?  Why should I be surprised since there is a group for every other thing under the sun.

 DSC02679.JPG (137080 bytes)  DSC02680.JPG (120559 bytes)  DSC02681.JPG (127879 bytes)  Two unusual air cooled engines

DSC02682.JPG (125198 bytes)  DSC02683.JPG (155044 bytes)  (R) Rollie Gaucher and (L) one of his current projects

DSC02684.JPG (122957 bytes) Norm Jones muttering incantations over the normally reliable Ryder-Ericksson engine which refused to behave today

DSC02685.JPG (145412 bytes)

DSC02686.JPG (88323 bytes)  DSC02687.JPG (89647 bytes)

DSC02688.JPG (124603 bytes)  Norm Jones (L) chats with one of his seemingly endless supply of friends and acquaintances.

DSC02689.JPG (159675 bytes)  NEMES members, L to R Bill Brackett, Rollie Gaucher and Todd Cahill

DSC02691.JPG (178580 bytes)  DSC02692.JPG (186181 bytes)  Norm chats (are you sensing a theme here?) with a show visitors

DSC02693.JPG (137690 bytes)  Rollie explaining one of his engines to show visitors

DSC02694.JPG (187818 bytes)  This tracked vehicle was neat but sounded like it had not have a visit from Mr. Greasegun for some time

  A steam powered side wheel canoe. 

  Very large cement mixer

DSC02695.JPG (128257 bytes)  It was a beautiful but warm day and Rich Hubbard faded out for a bit

DSC02697.JPG (176645 bytes)  DSC02698.JPG (168539 bytes)  A gathering of the usual suspects

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