Strasburg Railroad

Strasburg, PA

We visited Strasburg RR on Sunday 12 October 2008.  Arriving at 9:30 AM we got a primo parking place right next to the walk through.  I served us well during the day as we made several trips back to the car for this and that.  

MPG    WMV   Steam trains passing,  Strasburg is the only railroad in the country where you can see two steam engines passing each other.

DSC04929.jpg (153477 bytes)  DSC04930.jpg (121369 bytes)  DSC04931.jpg (126786 bytes)  DSC04932.jpg (127079 bytes)  DSC04933.jpg (137361 bytes)  DSC04934.jpg (128776 bytes)  DSC04935.jpg (104538 bytes)  

DSC04936.jpg (128661 bytes)  The smokestack is hooked to a coal pot bellied stove used to warm the car during the winter

DSC04937.jpg (130222 bytes)  DSC04938.jpg (146536 bytes)  

DSC04939.jpg (98387 bytes)  Across the road from the RR is an extensive train museum.  We did not visit it on this trip as my back was really bothering me that day.  So what else is new?

DSC04940.jpg (120631 bytes)  DSC04943.jpg (81073 bytes)  DSC04945.jpg (135955 bytes)  DSC04944.jpg (111616 bytes)  All the pin striping on this car is done by hand by one of the talented restorers at the Railroad.

DSC04941.jpg (128154 bytes) DSC04942.jpg (165110 bytes)  Switch year tower

DSC04946.jpg (94343 bytes)  DSC04947.jpg (97468 bytes)  DSC04949.jpg (162918 bytes)  DSC04950.jpg (123598 bytes)  DSC04951.jpg (98797 bytes)  

DSC04953.jpg (108471 bytes)  DSC04955.jpg (122457 bytes)Terri, Roy Bear and Eddie Moose.  The boys do love a train ride!

DSC04957.jpg (123434 bytes)  DSC04958.jpg (131943 bytes)  DSC04959.jpg (71563 bytes)  DSC04960.jpg (132582 bytes)  DSC04961.jpg (79136 bytes)  DSC04962.jpg (98444 bytes)  DSC04964.jpg (109152 bytes)  DSC04965.jpg (135382 bytes)  DSC04966.jpg (151715 bytes)  DSC04967.jpg (119805 bytes)  DSC04968.jpg (98030 bytes)  DSC04969.jpg (168103 bytes)  DSC04973.jpg (182858 bytes)  DSC04974.jpg (108391 bytes)  

We had purchased tickets for the noon tour of the restoration/maintenance shop.  We guessed that they tour is run at noon as the workers would be at lunch at that time.  these first photos are of parts outside the shop waiting for attention.

DSC04975.jpg (166254 bytes)  DSC04976.jpg (243205 bytes)  DSC04977.jpg (165852 bytes)  DSC04978.jpg (142491 bytes)  DSC04979.jpg (137273 bytes)  DSC04980.jpg (157238 bytes)  DSC04982.jpg (325320 bytes) Vertical slotter or vertical shaper.  I ran on of these for many months as an apprentice many years ago.

DSC04983.jpg (208130 bytes)  Cincinnati shaper, maybe a 24" model?  Ran one of these many years ago at what was then C.E.M, now Spirol International.  

DSC04984.jpg (123141 bytes)  Southwestern Industries DPM5 CNC mill.  We have a DPM3 in our school shop.  A very versatile machine which can be conversationally programmed or you can load a G code program into the machine.

DSC04985.jpg (120877 bytes)  Take a look at the steady rest behind these two visitors

DSC04986.jpg (111152 bytes)  Tailstock of tat same lathe

DSC04987.jpg (120216 bytes)  Tool rest and headstock of the same lathe

DSC04988.jpg (130233 bytes)  Horizontal mill, didn't catch the brand though

DSC04989.jpg (199615 bytes)  Vertical turret lathe, one of the few manual machines I have not run at one time or another

DSC04990.jpg (126959 bytes)  LeBlond Regal lathe with a WAY long bed

DSC04991.jpg (250825 bytes)  Planer.  Never ran a planer but did run planer mills which are similar to this but with four power heads mounted.  One on each column and two on the cross beam.  You can make a ton of chips with one of these machines. I was impressed with the wooden table covers in place to protect the surface of the machines table.

DSC04992.jpg (162211 bytes)  Carlton radial arm drill

DSC04993.jpg (314158 bytes)  DSC04994.jpg (127583 bytes)  DSC04995.jpg (190239 bytes)  Wheel lathe for machining engine and car wheels

DSC04996.jpg (107340 bytes) DSC05000.jpg (104589 bytes)  DSC05002.jpg (173733 bytes)  DSC05003.jpg (104593 bytes)  This boiler is undergoing inspection and repair  In the right photo you can see the repair patch that has been welded in.  

DSC04997.jpg (149495 bytes)  DSC04998.jpg (185511 bytes)  I would sure like to be able to get my students to keep our shop this organized

DSC04999.jpg (138209 bytes)  

DSC05001.jpg (153181 bytes)  Small scale loco undergoing rebuild

DSC05004.jpg (138335 bytes)  This fellow was our guide for the tour.  He commented at the end of the tour that he hoped we would come back at a future time since the guide duty is rotated between a number of workers, each with his specialty, and but visiting more than once we would get different perspectives about the shop.

DSC05005.jpg (97658 bytes)  These stay bolts have had their heads formed and will be going to the machine shop for further work.

DSC05006.jpg (173619 bytes)  This is the undercarriage for the boiler shown above.  The frame will be rebuilt and made ready to receive the boiler.

DSC05007.jpg (116987 bytes)  These rings are used with propane and oxygen to heat tires for mounting and dismounting on wheels.

DSC05008.jpg (161441 bytes)  Tubes in a boiler

DSC05009.jpg (96123 bytes)  Wheels mounted on axles awaiting tires

DSC05010.jpg (131016 bytes)  DSC05028.jpg (158585 bytes)  More organization

DSC05012.jpg (150748 bytes)  A very serious jack for lifting railroad cars

DSC05013.jpg (93295 bytes)  The cupola of a caboose

DSC05014.jpg (158942 bytes)  The ladder on the side of this car was remounted with special bolts made in the machine shop.  Because there was no access from the inside of the car they had to be inserted from the outside.

DSC05015.jpg (115843 bytes)  This tender is being built from stainless steel and is of all welded construction.

This might be a good spot to apologize for the not so great quality of these shop photos.  I did not have my external flash unit with me and the built in camera flash was not up to the task of taking pictures of dark train things in a dark shop.

DSC05016.jpg (85660 bytes)  DSC05017.jpg (108606 bytes)  To maintain the proper look fake rivets are spot welded from the back side of the wall (L)

DSC05018.jpg (76575 bytes)  DSC05019.jpg (82164 bytes)  Internal baffles keep the water from sloshing excessively

DSC05020.jpg (167107 bytes)  DSC05022.jpg (105499 bytes)  DSC05023.jpg (147107 bytes)  DSC05024.jpg (149170 bytes)  DSC05025.jpg (175454 bytes)  DSC05026.jpg (127509 bytes)  DSC05027.jpg (101500 bytes) 

DSC05029.jpg (112761 bytes)  All the Thomas the Tank engines are built at Strasburg RR and trucked around the country to various railroads.

DSC05030.jpg (132260 bytes)  DSC05031.jpg (160190 bytes)  DSC05032.jpg (143920 bytes)  DSC05033.jpg (149412 bytes) 

DSC05036.jpg (97342 bytes)  This pit allows mechanics to work on the undersides of trains for inspections and repair

DSC05037.jpg (134596 bytes)  DSC05038.jpg (119193 bytes)  This very old rig is used for inspecting air brakes on trains

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