Stair Trolley

This is a stair trolley that I built two years ago to make moving my wife's Christmas decorations from their storage room upstairs to downstairs for seasonal display.  Yes, there is enough of the stuff to need its own room!

Usually we put my daughter and son in law to work after Thanksgiving dinner moving the stuff down the stairs but they were threatening to go elsewhere for dinner to avoid the task. The trolley doesn't eliminate the work but it sure makes it a lot easier.  In addition to Christmas stuff the trolley gets used throughout the year for what ever needs moving up or down the stair.

Show in the video is the annual bringing down of the bedroom air conditioner.

DSC01690.JPG (41893 bytes)  DSC01689.JPG (46780 bytes)  All this plus more has to be moved down in the fall and back up in January

DSC01688.JPG (36933 bytes)  Detail of the rail attachment to the stair tread.  The rail is 1x1 angle iron and the attachment bracket it cold rolled steel.  

DSC01687.JPG (52454 bytes)  A Harbor Freight hoist does the hauling duty.  About $90 on sale or maybe a bit less.

DSC01686.JPG (52927 bytes)  This is the trolley folded for storage.  Cheap plastic wheels ride in the angle rails.

  Video of the trolley in action bringing down a room air conditioner.