Spring Training Model Train Show

Peabody, MA

9 March 2013

Short video from the show HERE

I had picked up a flyer for the Spring Training show at some previous show, probably the Amherst show in West Springfield, earlier in the year.  Having survived the many snow storms of the winter I decided to take advantage of a sunny day and motor up to MA.  The GPS (thank the Lord for gadgets) brought me right to the Holiday Inn where the show was being held.  If I had followed the map I had printed out I would have found the site but after much more wandering around.  

The show was small, compared to the Amherst extravaganza, but I was able to talk with many vendors and the fellows running the modular train set ups and I really enjoyed the show.

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The gentleman on the left was taking photos at a furious rate trying out his new camera.  We chatted about cameras for several minutes comparing notes.  The young fellow on the right recognized me from Waushakum Live Steamer meets and we chatted also.

Here are PDF scans of the schedule of clinics from the show, I guess that next year's show will have similar clinics so you might

want to plan ahead.

PDF1    PDF2    PDF3    PDF4

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