South Shore Model Railway Club

Hingham MA     24 March 2012

Slide show HERE  and  Video HERE


I had just the greatest day today!  A field trip to SSMRC was the perfect excuse to escape the seemingly endless supply of to-do things my wife can come up with.  I have to say that the members of this club are probably the most cordial and welcoming folks that I have had the pleasure of meeting in a very long time!  I only hope that when people leave one of out NEMES events they think the same about our members.  In addition to a wonderful visit to the train club I was able to find the Ritz Camera shop in the Natick Mall and pick up a camera adapter gadget that I had not been able to find locally and after that I found my way to the Barnes and Noble store nearby and swapped a book on CD that I had purchased on the way to our meeting in early March that turned out to be a duplicate of one I already had.  So, all in all a perfect day out.  Thank you SSMRC for your hospitality!


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DSC03044.jpg (199831 bytes)  DSC03045.jpg (209365 bytes)  Swap meet and sales room

DSC03046.jpg (206728 bytes)  DSC03047.jpg (217679 bytes)  DSC03048.jpg (245583 bytes)  New construction area

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DSC03055.jpg (217136 bytes)  Club workshop   

DSC03052.jpg (270779 bytes)  DSC03056.jpg (181982 bytes)  The fellow behind the tack in this photo is Jim (didn't catch his last name) and after a very enjoyable conversation he invited me to come up to the operations balcony to wee the "birds eye" view of the track. 

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