October Meeting and Rollie Gaucher's Open House

DSC07250.jpg (103088 bytes)  DSC07251.jpg (98291 bytes) Frank Dorion showed of this gorgeous plough plane that he made.

DSC07252.jpg (77574 bytes)  DSC07255.jpg (92852 bytes) Alan Bugbee (right in second photo) brought in two canes he recently made for a neighbor lady

DSC07253.jpg (137890 bytes) A complete set of Brown and Sharpe micrometers.  They might be for sale but my common sense overrode the need for a set of pre 1910 set of mikes.

DSC07254.jpg (97521 bytes)  Wayne Singer and Dick Boucher  

DSC07256.jpg (111028 bytes)  Someone brought in a number of puzzles which had these guys totally focused

DSC07258.jpg (82509 bytes)  DSC07259.jpg (98821 bytes)  (L) Errol Groff and (R) Norm Jones holding a poster of himself and Lindsay, a waitress at the Tilted Kilt, in Oshkosh Wisconsin.  

15 December 2009  OK.  After much delay here is the rest of the story.  When I got home from the Oshkosh trip I thought that the poster idea would be a great thing to do to, ahhhh that is to say for, Norm. I trotted over to the local custom photo shop and had a poster made off the video memory card.  I called the restaurant in OSH and asked if Lindsay would sign the poster for me if I sent it out there.  They said sure and off the poster went.  It didn't arrive back in time for the September meeting so the thing had to be rold over until October.  Of course Norm wanted to know what happened to the photo of ME and I had to say that the memory card with the photos on it was lost.  I don't think he completely believed me but was too polite to call me on it.

Yesterday my wife was looking for something in the basket where I throw my keys and found the card so here is the photo of myself and Lindsay.  Also in the photo is my friend Tom Horch of Marysville OH.

Norm_Tilted_Kilt.JPG (95203 bytes)  Erro_ Tilted_Kilt.JPG (97986 bytes)  And that is the rest of the story!


Rollie's Open House

DSC07260.jpg (114977 bytes)  DSC07261.jpg (139668 bytes)  

DSC07262.jpg (70870 bytes) Gail Martha

  DSC07263.jpg (150766 bytes)  Don Strang, long time member who has been in a long battle with illness, great to see him here!

DSC07264.jpg (109074 bytes)  (L) Gene Martha and  (R) Bill Brackett

DSC07265.jpg (114592 bytes)  DSC07266.jpg (128333 bytes)   (L) Norm Jones and Ron Ginger  (R) Larry Twaits and Les Russell

DSC07268.jpg (130117 bytes)  Facing the camera is Clive Dalby

DSC07269.jpg (108790 bytes)  (L) Todd Cahill and (R) Gil Greenberg (I think)

DSC07270.jpg (103967 bytes)  Frank Stouffer chats with Terri Groff

DSC07271.jpg (120800 bytes)  (C) Rollie Gaucher

DSC07273.jpg (56903 bytes)  That is a U.S. quarter next to this tiny cannon that Les Russell showed off  Unfortunately I had the completely wrong lens for photographing tiny things.

DSC07274.jpg (111630 bytes)  (L to R) frank Stouffer, Henry Szostek, Dave Osier and Terri Groff

DSC07275.jpg (114825 bytes)  Terri and Max Ben-Aaron

DSC07278.jpg (117113 bytes)  (L) Ed Rogers and (R) Bill Brackett

DSC07279.jpg (170819 bytes)  Rollie's sister, sorry that I can't remember her name but it was very pretty.  I am sure that Rollie will let me know what it is.

DSC07280.jpg (120907 bytes)  DSC07281.jpg (141344 bytes)  Rollie's latest project is this brass locomotive.  He does beautiful work on all things.

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