Scantic Valley Antique Engine Club

Somers CT

16 May 2009

This was my first visit to this show which is held at the Four Town Fair Grounds in Somers CT.  Rich Hubbard, Russ Steeves and Norm Jones had their display set up and we were happy to see them.  The weather was overcast with rain in the forecast but while we were there the rain held off and we had a nice visit.

Video clip note:  The WMV clips load much faster but the MPG clips have much greater clarity.

DSC06112.jpg (137358 bytes)  DSC06113.jpg (116622 bytes)  This engine and transmission are from a Crosley automobile

DSC06114.jpg (128949 bytes)  DSC06117.jpg (184569 bytes)  DSC06121.jpg (163330 bytes)  DSC06122.jpg (163886 bytes)  DSC06123.jpg (167294 bytes)  DSC06127.jpg (131071 bytes)  DSC06128.jpg (233731 bytes)  DSC06129.jpg (147050 bytes)  DSC06130.jpg (140874 bytes)  DSC06133.jpg (159091 bytes)  DSC06132.jpg (126440 bytes)

MPG  WMV  Very nice model engine

DSC06124.jpg (162305 bytes)  DSC06125.jpg (133129 bytes) DSC06126.jpg (164633 bytes)  Nice cut away model engines

MPG  WMV  Nice Galloway engine

DSC06118.jpg (196229 bytes)  This is a portable sickle bar sharpener.  It could be taken out to the field and the sickle bar can be sharpened without needing to go back to the barn.

DSC06115.jpg (115565 bytes)  DSC06116.jpg (203655 bytes)

MPG  WMV  Very colorful engine with governor

DSC06119.jpg (172114 bytes)  DSC06120.jpg (147928 bytes)  Last time I posted a photo of oilers I got an email from someone who wanted to know who the exhibitor was.  Of course I had no idea so this time I made sure that I got his name.  Frank Carey of Monson MA had the display and wanted $150.00 for the whole box.  Drop me a note and I will send you his email address if you are interested.

MPG  WMV  2 1/2 Horsepower International Famous and a handsome model engine

DSC06134.jpg (155649 bytes)  DSC06137.jpg (117282 bytes)  DSC06138.jpg (173544 bytes)  DSC06139.jpg (127984 bytes)  DSC06140.jpg (138645 bytes)  DSC06141.jpg (192779 bytes)  DSC06142.jpg (147700 bytes)  DSC06143.jpg (202318 bytes)  DSC06144.jpg (154990 bytes) 

DSC06145.jpg (168080 bytes)  DSC06146.jpg (180359 bytes)  DSC06147.jpg (125241 bytes)  DSC06148.jpg (129761 bytes)  This guy has over 400 blow torches!

DSC06135.jpg (92643 bytes)  DSC06136.jpg (82537 bytes) Two very nice tiny working sewing machines

DSC06149.jpg (172075 bytes)  DSC06150.jpg (188489 bytes)  DSC06151.jpg (171452 bytes)  DSC06153.jpg (179513 bytes)  DSC06152.jpg (111364 bytes)  DSC06154.jpg (146594 bytes)

DSC06155.jpg (146449 bytes)  DSC06157.jpg (176514 bytes)  DSC06165.jpg (156588 bytes)

MPG  WMV  Full size engines 

MPG  WMV  Lawn tractor pulling lessons

DSC06158.jpg (133286 bytes)  DSC06159.jpg (141903 bytes) 

DSC06160.jpg (188999 bytes)  DSC06161.jpg (153296 bytes)  Two cylinder super charged engine 

DSC06162.jpg (90130 bytes)  DSC06163.jpg (128716 bytes) 

DSC06164.jpg (89697 bytes)  Very neat 8 cylinder steam engine

DSC06166.jpg (97176 bytes) 

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