Bay State Model Railroad Museum / Chestnut Hill Pumping Station

3 March 2012

Slide Show HERE       1 minute YouTube video

I chatted with members of the BSMRM at our show on the 18th and was given a flyer about their show this weekend.  Since it is still early for other events in our hobby I decided to take a ride to Roslindale and visit their show.  A way, if you will, for saying thanks for their support of our event.  I can only say thank god for GPS devices!  I never, repeat, never would have found it otherwise.  As it was I had to circle the block many times looking for  parking space in the center of Roslindale before I spotted someone leaving a space and was able to dive into it.

The museum is on the top floor of a retail building and was jammed with visitors, many of whom were small children and anyone  who knows me knows that small children are not my favorite creatures.  But the train setups were impressive and the club members quite approachable.  I made a point to mention that I was there as a thanks for their members visiting our show and I hope that information gets back to the fellows who were at CRMI on the 18th.

When I left there I headed over to the Chestnut Hill Pumping Station Museum to see what changes had taken place sine I was last there.  Photos of facility back in 2004.  Quite an amazing change but sadly you can no longer burrow into the bowels of the building and many of the pieces show in the 2004 photos are long gone.


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These few photos taken with the video cam.

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Chestnut Hill Pumping Station


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