Rollie Gauche's Shop Open House

7 October 2012

Here are just a handful of photo from Rollie's open house.

DSC08038.JPG (255010 bytes)  The young fellow on the left is Jake and he runs a custom motorcycle show, center is Ken Mitchell and right is Les Russell. Les and Ken worked together at Norton.

DSC08039.JPG (198727 bytes)  L to R are Steve Cushman, Rollie Gaucher and Henry Szostek

DSC08040.JPG (175043 bytes)  DSC08046.JPG (179106 bytes)

DSC08042.JPG (187426 bytes)  Norm Jones chats with Gail Martha 

DSC08043.JPG (207911 bytes)  L to R are Norm Jones, the back of Max Ben-Aarons head, Frank Dorion and Rollie Evans.

DSC08047.JPG (219143 bytes)  L to R are Fred Jaggi, Gene Martha and Les Russell

DSC08049.JPG (170818 bytes)  Bob Vincent and Frank Dorion

DSC08051.JPG (185470 bytes)  Rollie picked up this very nifty drill sharpener that has a range of .250 down to .013

DSC08050.JPG (204211 bytes)


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