Rollie Gaucher's Open House

2 October 2005

Just some random pictures taken at Rollie's shop today.  I have been promised more photos from other fellows so we will see if they follow through.

PA020027.JPG (378998 bytes)    On the left is Frank Stauffer and on the right is Dave Osier.  Looks like a geezer gathering.  Just kidding guys!

PA020028.JPG (280927 bytes)  Left to right are Henry Szostek, Ron Ginger, Vic Kozakevich, Bradley Ross and Max Ben Aaron

PA020026.JPG (328885 bytes)  Seated on the left is Jim Paquette, to his right are Frank Dorion, Steve Cushman and ???

PA020025.JPG (340156 bytes)  Any excuse is a good excuse for a road trip.  Roy Bear and Eddie Moose enjoyed the day

PA020024.JPG (199779 bytes)  Jim Paquette was offering steam oil in a variety of sizes

PA020022.JPG (341855 bytes) PA020023.JPG (212767 bytes) Frank Dorion had this very neat lift truck.  

PA020021.JPG (301155 bytes)  Which he used to hoist this Pratt and Whitney horizontal mill into Ron Ginger's truck


These photos by Errol Groff.  If you find that these pictures are too large to be convenient please let me know. I saved these at 1024 x 768 instead of my usual 800 x whatever.  I think they look nicer but I am aware that people with slower web connections may find them objectionable.  Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think.

If you find the inclusion of Roy and Eddie on these pages to be annoying well.......tough :)

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