Rough and Tumble Time of Harvest

Kinzer, PA

11 October 2008

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(This picture set is broken into several pages to keep the download times reasonable for the folks with dial up connections.)

DSC04721.jpg (123459 bytes)  Our visit to R&T started at the blacksmith shop. 

DSC04722.jpg (110565 bytes)  The first thing I spotted was this great old press.  The fly weights gave the device a great feel and you SURE would not want to have your fingers under the ram after giving them a good spin!

DSC04723.jpg (119782 bytes)  DSC04724.jpg (102874 bytes)  DSC04725.jpg (155453 bytes)  DSC04726.jpg (51824 bytes) 

DSC04727.jpg (156293 bytes)  A fine old stove to keep the shop bearable in the winter. 

DSC04728.jpg (116163 bytes)  DSC04730.jpg (139968 bytes) 

DSC04729.jpg (123016 bytes)  A bellows to pump the fire. 

DSC04731.jpg (167149 bytes) DSC04732.jpg (143724 bytes)  DSC04732.jpg (143724 bytes)  DSC04733.jpg (157209 bytes)  DSC04734.jpg (163546 bytes)  DSC04735.jpg (213746 bytes)  DSC04736.jpg (145044 bytes)

R&T's Shay runs on maybe a mile of track pulling several passenger cars.  A great ride on an old engine.. 

DSC04738.jpg (122364 bytes) DSC04740.jpg (119502 bytes)  DSC04741.jpg (130422 bytes) 

I have no idea why but the movie camera images that I use are refusing to show up.  Click where the movie camera image SHOULD be and the link will work.

MPG   WMV   (1)Engines        MPG   WMV   (2)Engines    MPG   WMV   (3)Engines

MPG   WMV   (4)Engines        MPG   WMV   (5)Engines


DSC04742.jpg (165159 bytes)  DSC04743.jpg (197422 bytes)  Under a tent there was a lively trade in apple cider and apple bread.  This old press was demonstrated later in the day.

DSC04744.jpg (143663 bytes)    DSC04746.jpg (116884 bytes)  DSC04747.jpg (131943 bytes)  DSC04748.jpg (110119 bytes)  DSC04749.jpg (88716 bytes)  DSC04750.jpg (112601 bytes)

DSC04745.jpg (157954 bytes)  

This note was sent by Bob B. and received on 2 February 2010. This sort of addition to our pages is always much appreciated!

I do have one comment (not critical) on the "Rough and Tumble" show page there in one tractor that is pretty special.  It is the Silver King.  There never were a lot of them and they were way ahead of their time.  They were made by the same company that made the little "Plymouth" industrial locomotives.  At first they were called Plymouth tractors, but agreed to change even though they had used the name before Chrysler did.  Anyway today Silver Kings are prized by collectors. Here is a history of the tractor. Just thought you might find it interesting.


DSC04751.jpg (117838 bytes)  DSC04752.jpg (107266 bytes)  DSC04753.jpg (119056 bytes)  DSC04754.jpg (132006 bytes)  DSC04755.jpg (84528 bytes)  DSC04756.jpg (138234 bytes)  DSC04757.jpg (160080 bytes)

DSC04758.jpg (129885 bytes)  DSC04759.jpg (127806 bytes)  DSC04760.jpg (131363 bytes)  DSC04761.jpg (84612 bytes)  DSC04762.jpg (138156 bytes)  DSC04763.jpg (143095 bytes)  DSC04765.jpg (136260 bytes)

I know nothing about tractors so I just took a lot of photos and hope that you tractor enthusiasts will find something to enjoy.

DSC04766.jpg (114483 bytes)  DSC04774.jpg (103578 bytes)  DSC04767.jpg (164091 bytes)  DSC04768.jpg (104224 bytes)   DSC04769.jpg (95042 bytes)  DSC04770.jpg (133856 bytes)  DSC04771.jpg (131180 bytes)  DSC04772.jpg (110044 bytes)  DSC04773.jpg (99946 bytes)  A lot of these photos are quite dark as the built in flash on my camera is just not up to the task in these conditions.

DSC04775.jpg (101497 bytes)  DSC04775.jpg (101497 bytes)  DSC04776.jpg (75733 bytes)  DSC04777.jpg (75445 bytes)  DSC04778.jpg (147683 bytes)  DSC04779.jpg (123890 bytes)   DSC04780.jpg (124938 bytes)

DSC04781.jpg (111463 bytes)  DSC04783.jpg (135990 bytes)  DSC04784.jpg (147041 bytes)  DSC04785.jpg (165444 bytes)  DSC04787.jpg (155279 bytes)  DSC04788.jpg (122603 bytes)  DSC04789.jpg (103507 bytes)

DSC04790.jpg (124687 bytes)  DSC04791.jpg (102862 bytes)  DSC04792.jpg (133534 bytes)  DSC04793.jpg (115807 bytes)  DSC04794.jpg (121268 bytes)  DSC04795.jpg (114987 bytes)  DSC04796.jpg (146423 bytes)

DSC04797.jpg (170825 bytes) 

DSC04799.jpg (163216 bytes)  DSC04800.jpg (87334 bytes)  DSC04801.jpg (139656 bytes)  DSC04802.jpg (135359 bytes)  MPG   WAVY   (6) Traction Engines

This engine was just being brought up to pressure when I passed by 

DSC04803.jpg (179130 bytes) MPG   WMV   (7)Traction Engines

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