American Precision Museum

6th Annual Show 29 October 2005

PA290042.JPG (360609 bytes)  This 10 H.P. boiler was set up outside the Community Center in Windsor VT where the annual model engineering show sponsored by the American Precision Museum was being held.  

PA290044.JPG (139769 bytes)  PA290045.JPG (272071 bytes)   These two engines are the work of Ernest Smith

PA290046.JPG (287211 bytes) PA290047.JPG (287031 bytes) 

PA290048.JPG (250808 bytes) PA290049.JPG (296444 bytes)  Russ Steeves is the designer and builder of this launch engine

PA290051.JPG (197671 bytes) PA290052.JPG (236617 bytes) PA290050.JPG (228878 bytes)  This 90 degree V engine is one of Ray Hasbrouck's designs.  No castings are used and the engine can be built on a 9" lathe and mill.  Ray is a member of NEMES and more information about his engine designs can be found at

PA290053.JPG (369075 bytes)  NEMES member Dave Bono talks to a show visitor.  His wife, Romaine sits next to him.

PA290054.JPG (250982 bytes)  NEMES president Norm Jones (L)

PA290055.JPG (288877 bytes)  Todd Cahill and some of his very nice work.  Todd is also a long time NEMES member

PA290056.JPG (274402 bytes) PA290057.JPG (205453 bytes) These two terrific model machine tools were built by William Huxhold of Toronto Canada

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