A Pivoting Mailbox Holder

The recent thread about vandal proof mailboxes on r.c.m. prompts this page.

This set up is not so much vandal proof as a "too lazy to shovel the mail box" solution.  If a vandal hits it it will swing to the side so I guess it is somewhat vandal proof.

The pictures re somewhat self explanatory but if some is interested I could make up a drawing and post it as a DXF or PDF file.

PB300109.JPG (41776 bytes)  This shows the mailbox in it's normal position.  The post is a conventional pressure treated 4x4.

PB300111.JPG (46682 bytes)  Here the box is pivoted away as though the snow plow had wacked it on the way by.

PB300113.JPG (54327 bytes)  This shows some detail of the construction.  I guess that in the spring it will be time to disassemble it and give it a fresh coat of paint. If you look closely on the post side plate there is a pin that mates to a slot on the pivot side.  I had thought to use something as a shear pin but the weight of the box keeps the thing in place in all but the most extreme wind.

PB300114.JPG (79699 bytes)  This is the part that the box sits on  The lug on the side fits snug into a 6' piece of chain link fencing post.  As the winter progresses I can pull the mailbox further out as the snow bank in front of it grows.

The main parts are made of 1/2" thick cold rolled steel and the box shelf is 1/4" steel.  I used what I had on hand and this is probably a bit of overkill.  The brackets for the tubing are split and drilled and tapped as I had thought that I would have to clamp the tubing in place but that has proved unnecessary. 

If you would like some more pictures or a drawing let me know.


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