Pepperell Crank Up

Pepperell MA        12 July 2009

Sometimes using a GPS gadget gets you to your destination with minimum fuss and bother.  But other times it turns into an adventure as was the case today.  I started out and programmed the Magellen along the way and asked for the most direct path.  It took me to the top of I190 north of Worcester MA and then on every pottin' little back country road it could find in its' database.  But eventually I arrived in Pepperell.

I found Norm Jones and Russ Steeves under Norm's canopy set up the boys on folding chairs and set about seeing the show.

If you recognize an engine or display and would like to add some information about the photo please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to update the page.

DSC06483.jpg (169938 bytes)  Like many summer engine shows there was an eclectic mix of engines, power equipment and cars.

DSC06484.jpg (183703 bytes) A steam car, Stanley I think  DSC06485.jpg (172085 bytes)  Only $19,000 and this handsome pick up could be yours

DSC06486.jpg (179046 bytes)  The food tent is run by the Pepperell volunteer fire department.  Great burgers!

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(L to R) Russ Steeves chats with a visitor,  Russ' Rider Ericsson hot air engine, Roy and Eddie, Frank Stouffer, Norm Jones and Russ and finally two visitors to the display

DSC06504.jpg (123218 bytes)  DSC06505.jpg (176709 bytes)  DSC06506.jpg (153887 bytes)  DSC06507.jpg (276998 bytes)  DSC06508.jpg (214674 bytes)  DSC06510.jpg (236022 bytes)  DSC06511.jpg (155914 bytes)

DSC06512.jpg (143902 bytes)  DSC06513.jpg (233345 bytes)  DSC06514.jpg (140391 bytes)  DSC06515.jpg (208532 bytes)  DSC06516.jpg (214329 bytes)  DSC06517.jpg (147675 bytes)  DSC06518.jpg (163715 bytes)  DSC06519.jpg (183676 bytes)  DSC06520.jpg (179708 bytes)  DSC06521.jpg (189714 bytes)  DSC06523.jpg (220710 bytes)  DSC06525.jpg (143805 bytes)  DSC06524.jpg (173782 bytes)  DSC06526.jpg (204723 bytes)

DSC06527.jpg (174747 bytes)  DSC06528.jpg (175256 bytes)  DSC06529.jpg (173872 bytes)  DSC06530.jpg (172553 bytes)  DSC06532.jpg (176445 bytes)  DSC06539.jpg (200338 bytes)  DSC06538.jpg (150492 bytes)DSC06537.jpg (146299 bytes)  DSC06536.jpg (156012 bytes)  Various engines running

DSC06533.jpg (309519 bytes)  DSC06534.jpg (136908 bytes)  DSC06535.jpg (142008 bytes) Starting the Hercules engine. Al Rowe is seen on the left in the first photo.

DSC06522.jpg (185793 bytes)  Very nicely done home built generator trailer for rough site work.

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