Pepperell Crank Up

Pepperell MA  13 July 2008


DSC03904.jpg (156651 bytes)  Les Russell (L) and Frank Stouffer

DSC03912.jpg (125121 bytes)   Center, Norm Jones chats with the sitting fellows who owns this Austrailan engine

DSC03920.jpg (140780 bytes)  Frank and Russ Steeves

DSC03953.jpg (129628 bytes)  (L to R) Norm Jones, Russ Steeves and Rich Hubbard

DSC03954.jpg (110264 bytes)  (L) Don Strang and Bill Brackett 

  Setting up Norm's canopy

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DSC03938.jpg (142905 bytes)  DSC03939.jpg (197245 bytes)  DSC03940.jpg (145882 bytes)  DSC03944.jpg (145437 bytes)

  Two engines    Two more engines

DSC03942.jpg (87687 bytes)  DSC03941.jpg (122227 bytes)  This interesting gadget is a supplemental power device for a bicycle.  Mounted along side the rear wheel (a tire mounts on the rim of the disc seen in the left photo) and it could be lifted of the ground when power was no needed or lowered when you came to a hill.  That is the story we heard at the show.  I went to the B&S website just now to see if there was more information about the merger and found this great illustration.  Apparently it was made to power a four wheel vehicle. Originally built by another company which was bought out by Briggs and Stratton in the early 1900's.

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 DSC03928.jpg (177271 bytes)  DSC03929.jpg (139375 bytes)  DSC03930.jpg (189360 bytes)  DSC03943.jpg (141760 bytes)      

DSC03945.jpg (172469 bytes)  DSC03946.jpg (135941 bytes)  Interesting small tractor

DSC03951.jpg (216112 bytes)  DSC03947.jpg (185352 bytes)  DSC03948.jpg (105968 bytes)  DSC03949.jpg (139758 bytes)  DSC03950.jpg (161954 bytes)    DSC03952.jpg (79809 bytes)

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