Pepperell Crank Up 2007

Pepperell MA

DSC02154.JPG (144941 bytes)    L to R are NEMES members Frank Staufer, Gene Martha, Bea Boucher and Gale Martha.

DSC02155.JPG (124489 bytes)  L to R are NEMES members Dick Boucher and Russ Steeves chatting with a show visitor  

DSC02182.JPG (135489 bytes)  L to R are Frank Stauffer and Don Strang 

  Norm Jones version of Hero's Fountain.

DSC02156.JPG (147164 bytes)  DSC02157.JPG (178728 bytes)  DSC02159.JPG (164750 bytes)

DSC02158.JPG (174680 bytes)   

DSC02160.JPG (166034 bytes)  This truck had a for sale sign on it.  $14000.  Dick Boucher say he can remember when you could pick up a pick up like this for $400.  Of course he is older than dirt!

DSC02161.JPG (162286 bytes)  DSC02163.JPG (226244 bytes)  DSC02162.JPG (169526 bytes)  DSC02164.JPG (115793 bytes)

DSC02165.JPG (149444 bytes)  DSC02166.JPG (132108 bytes)  DSC02167.JPG (111001 bytes)   Small Tracked Machine

DSC02168.JPG (145694 bytes) Mike Boucher and his son James admire an engine

DSC02169.JPG (172519 bytes)  DSC02170.JPG (156745 bytes)  DSC02171.JPG (142987 bytes)  DSC02172.JPG (151301 bytes)  DSC02173.JPG (129759 bytes)

DSC02174.JPG (178593 bytes)  DSC02175.JPG (111508 bytes)  DSC02176.JPG (210076 bytes)  DSC02177.JPG (175091 bytes)  DSC02178.JPG (171697 bytes) 

DSC02179.JPG (163618 bytes)  DSC02180.JPG (187130 bytes)  DSC02181.JPG (122089 bytes)  Panorama View

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