Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

Fathers Day Steam Up 2006


On 17 June 2006 the wife, the boys and I headed up to Southwick MA to visit the Pioneer Valley Steam Up.  It was a cloudy, showery day but most everyone seemed to be having a good time despite the uncertain weather.  I took the usual bunch of pictures and have posted them here.

Since I know nothing   about steam locomotives anyone is free to contribute information about any of these pictures.  Send your comments to


1. PICT0059.JPG (108202 bytes)   2. PICT0061.JPG (84030 bytes)  These photos taken from the pedestrian overpass

3. PICT0063.JPG (92245 bytes)  4. PICT0065.JPG (87750 bytes) 5. PICT0066.JPG (78769 bytes)

6. PICT0067.JPG (71102 bytes)  7. PICT0070.JPG (56521 bytes)  8. PICT0071.JPG (65467 bytes)  Here is a 2X version of one of Kozo's engines

9. PICT0069.JPG (69035 bytes)  This is the storage shed.  I am sure that there is a more proper name for this.

10. PICT0073.JPG (78574 bytes)  11. PICT0074.JPG (72818 bytes)  

12. PICT0075.JPG (84025 bytes)  A view of the smaller gage trackage and some of the many camper units on the grounds.

13. PICT0077.JPG (73796 bytes)  Hydraulic hoist for transferring locos from trucks, trailers and pick ups to track level

14. PICT0079.JPG (45899 bytes)  The Pioneer Valley Live Steamers logo sign

15. PICT0081.JPG (101396 bytes)  16. PICT0082.JPG (97813 bytes)  17. PICT0083.JPG (101115 bytes) 

  18. PICT0085.JPG (53623 bytes)  Don't recall this fellows name but he said "take my picture" so I did.  We had a nice chat and I hope he sees himself here and lets me know his name.

19. PICT0086.JPG (65061 bytes) 20.  PICT0087.JPG (220059 bytes) 

21. PICT0089.JPG (58341 bytes)  This loco is huddled under a tarp waiting for the sky to clear.

22. PICT0090.JPG (72327 bytes)  NEMES member Dave Bono, his wife Romaine and their grand daughters.

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