Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

Fall Meet

Southwick MA     17 September 2011

Slide show HERE,  and video here >>>  

Usually I can come home from a meet and bing, bang, boom have page created and posted in no time at all.  Other time (like today) the computer and software fight me every inch of the way.  But, being the human here I have the power to turn the darn thing off, walk away and return later to try again.

So, having said that, I had a fine time at PVLS today and here are the photos to prove it.

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DSC01212.jpg (373860 bytes)  DSC01213.jpg (379166 bytes)  These two photos are of the same crossover.  The main line runs left/right and the up/sown track is the track from the transfer table.  After the last meet at WLS someone asked for photos of the crossover there.  I will take photos there next time I am at that track.

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