Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

Fall Meet 2010

17, 18, and 19 September 2010

Youtube video here


As I write this it is September 23 and I am in the grip of computer withdrawal.  The night before the PVLS meet my computer video card blew up (all the magic smoke leaked out) and so I delivered the box to the computer hospital.  Yesterday the 22nd I got the box back with a new video card and thing were looking great until I hooked up the internet connection.  No internet!!!  I bought a new modem this afternoon but that didn't solve the problem so tomorrow it is back to the computer shop for a new NIC card. This is getting old.  

In the meantime last evening I was able to process all the photos from the meet and I am now putting this page together.  I HOPE that I will be able to upload it tomorrow!  Wish me luck.

On to the meet.  I left work (I had the boys with me all day) and we headed up to the track.  Arrived about 5:30 and stayed for couple of hours taking photos and video and talking to folks.

Terri and I and the boys went back up early on Saturday and spent most of the day at the track.  The boy and Terri got a great ride on the mainline and then the boys were treated to a wonderful ride on the highline.  Thanks so much to Sally (as in Mark and Sally) for arranging the highline ride.  She rustled up a bungee cord to help fix the boys to the riding car and off they went with Don Ritchie.  Thanks Sally and Don!

As always, if you have anything to offer in way of names or I.D.s of equipment please send it along.  It will be much appreciated!

Friday evening photos

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DSC07754.jpg (121222 bytes)  DSC07755.jpg (129465 bytes)  DSC07756.jpg (156319 bytes)  DSC07758.jpg (130942 bytes)  1" scale Climax being built by Joedy Hicks of Winsted CT.

DSC07759.jpg (103458 bytes)  Close up of the skew bevel gears from the 1" scale Climax being built by Joedy Hicks of Winsted CT.


DSC07767.jpg (122775 bytes)  DSC07768.jpg (115516 bytes)  DSC07769.jpg (85949 bytes)  3/4 scale Little Engines Northern 4-8-4 owned by Joedy Hicks of Winsted CT.  Thanks Joedy for sending this info.


DSC07770.jpg (154470 bytes)  DSC07771.jpg (174197 bytes)  DSC07772.jpg (171892 bytes)  DSC07773.jpg (164561 bytes)  DSC07775.jpg (105846 bytes)  DSC07776.jpg (147626 bytes)  DSC07777.jpg (254247 bytes)  DSC07778.jpg (177552 bytes)  DSC07780.jpg (196723 bytes)  DSC07781.jpg (128227 bytes)  DSC07783.jpg (187131 bytes)  DSC07784.jpg (178816 bytes)  DSC07785.jpg (142151 bytes)  DSC07786.jpg (116080 bytes)  DSC07787.jpg (177256 bytes)  DSC07788.jpg (158003 bytes)  DSC07789.jpg (151988 bytes)  DSC07790.jpg (187853 bytes)

DSC07765.jpg (131824 bytes)  DSC07766.jpg (143403 bytes)


Saturday Photos

DSC07791.jpg (207735 bytes)  DSC07792.jpg (194393 bytes)  DSC07793.jpg (201431 bytes)  DSC07794.jpg (201352 bytes)  DSC07795.jpg (191116 bytes)  DSC07796.jpg (220350 bytes)  DSC07797.jpg (163923 bytes)  DSC07798.jpg (154595 bytes)  DSC07799.jpg (153997 bytes)  DSC07800.jpg (205762 bytes)  DSC07801.jpg (129785 bytes)  DSC07802.jpg (159814 bytes)  DSC07803.jpg (151253 bytes)  DSC07804.jpg (204819 bytes)  DSC07805.jpg (195328 bytes)  DSC07806.jpg (178424 bytes)  DSC07807.jpg (178675 bytes)  DSC07808.jpg (151213 bytes)  DSC07809.jpg (197079 bytes)  DSC07810.jpg (200145 bytes)  DSC07811.jpg (200493 bytes)  DSC07812.jpg (188849 bytes)  DSC07813.jpg (172718 bytes)  DSC07814.jpg (189472 bytes)  DSC07815.jpg (209220 bytes)  DSC07817.jpg (186603 bytes)  DSC07818.jpg (194560 bytes)  DSC07819.jpg (182153 bytes)  DSC07820.jpg (125805 bytes)  DSC07821.jpg (203297 bytes)  DSC07822.jpg (160745 bytes)  DSC07823.jpg (239109 bytes)  DSC07824.jpg (209541 bytes)  DSC07825.jpg (177397 bytes)  DSC07826.jpg (171714 bytes)  DSC07828.jpg (168005 bytes)  DSC07829.jpg (169105 bytes)  DSC07830.jpg (173837 bytes)  DSC07831.jpg (192338 bytes)  DSC07832.jpg (187078 bytes)  DSC07833.jpg (171799 bytes)  DSC07834.jpg (177133 bytes)  DSC07835.jpg (166223 bytes)  DSC07836.jpg (169245 bytes)  DSC07837.jpg (182604 bytes)  DSC07839.jpg (187563 bytes)  DSC07840.jpg (186588 bytes)  DSC07841.jpg (198690 bytes)  DSC07842.jpg (184195 bytes)  DSC07843.jpg (178322 bytes)  DSC07844.jpg (124297 bytes)  DSC07845.jpg (150650 bytes)  DSC07846.jpg (187956 bytes)  DSC07847.jpg (107564 bytes)  DSC07848.jpg (148343 bytes)  DSC07849.jpg (159921 bytes)  DSC07850.jpg (182606 bytes)  DSC07851.jpg (181068 bytes)  DSC07852.jpg (161716 bytes)  DSC07853.jpg (180859 bytes)  DSC07854.jpg (190768 bytes)  DSC07855.jpg (159320 bytes)  DSC07856.jpg (136913 bytes)  DSC07857.jpg (150682 bytes) 

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