Pioneer Valley Live Steamers Fall Meet

16 and 17 September 2006

We went up to the meet on Sunday 17 September.  It was a great fall day and there was a lot going on at the club.  Here are some pictures I took of the activities.

P1010054A.JPG (82846 bytes)  P1010054A.JPG (82846 bytes)  Trying something new here.  Please click on the smaller thumbnail to see the photo at 750 x 560 size.  If you have a fast connection and wish to view the picture at higher resolution click on the large thumbnail.  Please feel free to email me your comments on the plus or minus of this idea

P1010055A.JPG (84160 bytes)  P1010055A.JPG (84160 bytes)

P1010056.JPG (688048 bytes)  P1010056.JPG (688048 bytes)  P1010056A.JPG (71826 bytes)  P1010056A.JPG (71826 bytes)This Heisler loco was built to original plans

    P1010064A.JPG (97966 bytes)  P1010064A.JPG (97966 bytes)  P1010067A.JPG (99455 bytes)  P1010067A.JPG (99455 bytes)  This Heisler is a 2X version

  P1010057A.JPG (81296 bytes)  P1010057A.JPG (81296 bytes)  P1010058A.JPG (98731 bytes)  P1010058A.JPG (98731 bytes)  P1010059A.JPG (122482 bytes)  P1010059A.JPG (122482 bytes)

P1010060A.JPG (97650 bytes)  P1010060A.JPG (97650 bytes)  P1010061A.JPG (100540 bytes)  P1010061A.JPG (100540 bytes)  P1010062A.JPG (96431 bytes)  P1010062A.JPG (96431 bytes)

P1010068A.JPG (86997 bytes)  P1010068A.JPG (86997 bytes)  P1010063A.JPG (104533 bytes)  P1010063A.JPG (104533 bytes)

P1010069A.JPG (69222 bytes)  P1010069A.JPG (69222 bytes)  P1010070A.JPG (60370 bytes)  P1010070A.JPG (60370 bytes)  P1010071A.JPG (55330 bytes)  P1010071A.JPG (55330 bytes)

P1010072A.JPG (55813 bytes)  P1010072A.JPG (55813 bytes)  P1010073A.JPG (47553 bytes)  P1010073A.JPG (47553 bytes)

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