Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

Spring Steam Up Weekend

4, 5, and 6 May 2012

Slide Show HERE   Short video HERE

I went up to Southwick on Friday 4 May to see what was going on at the track.  My weekend was jammed packed and Friday was the only day I could get to the track!  There was no mainline action so Roy and Eddie didn't get a ride and I saw only two locos on the high line.  

However I did have time to chat with those folks who were there and met several new folks and was able to renew acquaintance with several others.  There were a number of visitors from Montreal Live Steamers and a couple from Long Island Live Steamers so all in all it was a trip worth making.

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DSC03818.jpg (300827 bytes) This loco was down for some emergency repair

DSC03843.jpg (231348 bytes)  The folks on the left are from Long Island Live Steamers  DSC03851.jpg (156713 bytes)  Roy Bear and Eddie Moose keep an eye on things

DSC03833.jpg (196855 bytes)  DSC03840.jpg (246260 bytes)  This serious young lady was down from the Montreal Live Steamers

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