Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

Father Day Weekend 2009

The weather forecast for 20 June 2009 was pretty grim but I headed out at 8:00AM anyway hoping to get in some quality train watching before the skies opened.  Luck held and the rain did not appear while I was at the train yard.

My wife was scheduled to go on a tour of Norwich CT gardens so she stayed home and kept the digital camera to use.  These photos were taken with the video camera so they may look a bit different than my usual work.

IMGA0004.jpg (134293 bytes)      IMGA0007.jpg (164932 bytes)  IMGA0008.jpg (153390 bytes) 

IMGA0009.jpg (134307 bytes)  View into some of the round house storage

IMGA0010.jpg (134907 bytes)  IMGA0011.jpg (182170 bytes)  A while back there was an extensive discussion on the Live Steam  board concerning ways to anchor and support high lines.  The right hand photo are a number of support posts and bases and the right photo is one of the supports in place on the high line. 

IMGA0012.jpg (111006 bytes)  This headlamp is mounted in the workshop.  Sort of like a moose head on the wall.

For convenient viewing of MPG video clips right click on the icon, left click on "Save Target As" and then save to the Desktop.  When the clip has finished downloading double click on the Desktop icon to view.

MPG  WMV  Turntable operation

MPG  WMV  Trains (engineers actually) selecting to enter the station or run through

MPG  WMV  Trains coming under the overpass

MPG  WMV  Unloading a train from the back of a pick up truck

IMGA0013.jpg (141483 bytes)  IMGA0005.jpg (134196 bytes)  IMGA0006.jpg (121367 bytes)  There seemed to be more campers on the field than last time  I made it up here for Father Day.

IMGA0014.jpg (115846 bytes)  This bundle of energy is a fully qualified therapy dog and visits hospitals and nursing homes to bring comfort to sick folks.  As Groucho Marx said, "outside of a dog a book is mans best friend, inside of a dog it is too dark to read"!

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IMGA0018.jpg (149540 bytes)  IMGA0019.jpg (157664 bytes)  IMGA0020.jpg (177771 bytes)  IMGA0021.jpg (146735 bytes)  IMGA0022.jpg (165772 bytes) 

IMGA0023.jpg (179471 bytes)  IMGA0024.jpg (190420 bytes)  IMGA0025.jpg (175180 bytes)  IMGA0026.jpg (163863 bytes)

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