Owls Head Transportation Museum

Rockland Maine U.S.A.

26 July 2008


The New England Model Engineering Society was invited to display our models this year at the OHTM during their big Air Shop weekend.  The museum provided tables and chairs in one of the hangers so that we were not out in the sun which was great and very much appreciated.  

Terri and I (Errol Groff) arrived a bit after 8:00AM having made the drive up to Maine on Friday afternoon.  We stayed at the Trade Winds Motor Inn which is right in the center of Rockland ME.  We pitched in and helped set up tables and proceeded to set up my display.  After not too long some of the other members started arriving and setting up.  The show opened to the public at 9:30AM and were pretty well set up and ready to greet the visitors when they started coming in.

Members who displayed were Ron Ginger, NEMES founder and past president, Norm Jones, another past president also present was Dick Boucher, current president, and his wife Bea.  Also showing were Rollie Gaucher, Larry Twaits, Grady Sharpe, J.C. Cummings, Les Russell and James Lea.   

Although the day started out very foggy it cleared by 10:00 or so and was a beautiful day.  Warm but not excessively so.  There seemed to be a good sized crowd but since this was my first visit to OHTM I can't compare it to years past.  

We were all impressed with the warm welcome we received from the museum staff and were all glad that we attended the event.  We answered many questions from show visitors and I think that it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about model engineering.

A note about the video clips:  Because they are very large files I suggest retrieving the MPG clips like this,  right click on the camera icon, then left click on "Save target as",  tell your computer where you want the file to be saved then resume browsing.  After the file is saved look at it then delete if desired.  The WMV files should work fine just by clicking on the icon.

DSC04009.jpg (100706 bytes)  Classy sculpture outside the hotel

DSC04010.jpg (181308 bytes)  DSC04011.jpg (178028 bytes) Mandatory photos with Maine Lobsters.  In the left  photo the lobster is on the right and in the right hand photo the lobster is on the left.

DSC04012.jpg (101999 bytes)  L to R are James Lea, Dick Boucher and Grady Sharpe

DSC04013.jpg (138277 bytes)  Bea Boucher sets under the NEMES sign

Hanger MPG 25.7M    Hanger WMV 2.1M

DSC04014.jpg (81497 bytes)  Grady Sharpe and Dick Boucher

There were plenty of vintage and antique cars to be admired.  Some the property of the museum and many which were driven for the day

DSC04015.jpg (117826 bytes)    DSC04018.jpg (147014 bytes)  DSC04019.jpg (121647 bytes)  DSC04021.jpg (123679 bytes)  DSC04020.jpg (127645 bytes) DSC04045.jpg (135196 bytes) DSC04028.jpg (125975 bytes)  DSC04050.jpg (143574 bytes)  DSC04051.jpg (133802 bytes)  DSC04069.jpg (138874 bytes)  DSC04022.jpg (114569 bytes) DSC04076.jpg (111875 bytes)  DSC04082.jpg (136278 bytes)

DSC04073.jpg (142373 bytes)  DSC04075.jpg (95013 bytes)  

DSC04070.jpg (136053 bytes)  DSC04071.jpg (108445 bytes)  DSC04072.jpg (151508 bytes)

DSC04077.jpg (154187 bytes)  DSC04030.jpg (122810 bytes)

 DSC04017.jpg (120861 bytes)  DSC04024.jpg (124267 bytes)  DSC04025.jpg (126386 bytes)  Ford Depot Van

  DSC04027.jpg (155737 bytes)  DSC04026.jpg (162794 bytes)  DSC04029.jpg (181838 bytes)  Very interesting 1908 Sears Motor Buggy


  DSC04031.jpg (92878 bytes)  DSC04032.jpg (82786 bytes)  DSC04023.jpg (82195 bytes) DSC04052.jpg (112233 bytes)  DSC04053.jpg (127797 bytes)  DSC04079.jpg (119586 bytes)

DSC04054.jpg (112226 bytes)    DSC04056.jpg (138930 bytes)  DSC04057.jpg (156764 bytes)  DSC04063.jpg (109319 bytes)  DSC04081.jpg (146310 bytes)  DSC04080.jpg (126567 bytes)    

DSC04055.jpg (164320 bytes)  MPG 13.8M    WMV 1.1M

Replica Curtis Flyer.  To learn more about Glenn Curtis visit the web pages of the Glenn Curtis Museum located in Hammondsport NY.  After the OHTM of course.  http://www.glennhcurtissmuseum.org/

DSC04033.jpg (95934 bytes)  DSC04034.jpg (93291 bytes)  DSC04035.jpg (76921 bytes)  DSC04036.jpg (71577 bytes)  DSC04037.jpg (87017 bytes)  DSC04038.jpg (78171 bytes) 

  DSC04039.jpg (82730 bytes)  DSC04040.jpg (113267 bytes) DSC04041.jpg (96284 bytes)  DSC04042.jpg (82907 bytes)  DSC04043.jpg (96556 bytes)  DSC04044.jpg (89781 bytes)

DSC04058.jpg (120923 bytes)  DSC04083.jpg (111414 bytes)  

DSC04087.jpg (96398 bytes)  Eddie Moose scored himself a new outfit to remember his visit to the Owls Head Museum.

DSC04046.jpg (177603 bytes)  DSC04059.jpg (116565 bytes)  The antique bike folks were out in force.  These high wheelers or penny farthings were a sight to see being ridden. They also had a wide range of bicycles ranging over the years and even the centuries.

Balancing Penny Farthing MPG 57.3     WMV 4.7

Wheel Men Demonstration1  MPG 140M     WMV 11.6M

Wheel Men Demonstration2 MPG 96M       WMV 8M

Wheel Men Demonstration3  MPG 49M      

Wheel Men Demonstration4 14.7M       WMV 1.1M


DSC04047.jpg (152074 bytes)  DSC04048.jpg (161125 bytes)  DSC04049.jpg (138455 bytes)  Beautiful steam launch.  Home built hull and engine.

Maine Antique Power Association    MPG 9.1M     WMV .7M

DSC04060.jpg (87316 bytes)  DSC04062.jpg (125705 bytes)    DSC04064.jpg (83786 bytes)     V-22 Osprey Landing MPG 23.8M      WMV 1.9M

A big attraction of the show was a visit by this U.S.M.C. V-22 Osprey.  The VTOL/STOL aircraft will never sneak up on anyone!  The engine nacelles are in the ground park mode.  They are not usually lowered to the horizontal position except for servicing since the props will not clear the ground when the nacelles are horizontal.

DSC04065.jpg (179993 bytes)  DSC04066.jpg (200800 bytes)  DSC04067.jpg (99363 bytes)  DSC04068.jpg (126721 bytes)  

USMC Sergeant on the Big Bike!    MPG  64.2M       WMV 5.6M

Far left is Jim Spillane of Madison CT.  He persuaded the Sergeant Air Engineer to try her hand at riding the big bike. After a careful turn around the apron she go on a slightly smaller bike which better matched her size and was off and pedaling.  Although in the third photo she is on her own Jim was just out of the picture ready to set her right if she started to topple.

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