Antique Outboard Motor Association - Yankee Chapter

22 January 2011

Framingham, MA

One week after  our trip to York PA to the Cabin Fever Expo model engineering show Dave Bono and I headed up the road to Framingham MA for the Yankee Chapter "dry" meet.  A dry meet I learned is one where boats and motors are displayed dry, that is to say not in the water.  This is maybe the third time I have gone with Dave to this event and each time we manage to go a different way.  Getting to Framingham is no problem but the last mile or so is a chore.  The day was cold but crystal clear and with no wind blowing it was a balmy 20 degrees. 

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After several hours of viewing engines and chatting with folks a chapter meeting was called in the church fellowship building.  I was introduced as Dave's guest and took the opportunity to invite all present to attend our club show next month. 

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