Oshkosh 2007

At our regular July meeting Norm Jones asked me if I making my almost annual trek to Oshkosh to visit the Experimental Aircraft convention and air show.  I replied that I was and he commented that he had always wanted to go to the event.  I said that I had an empty seat in the van and he was welcome to join me if he liked.  He jumped on the offer like a dog on a bone!  A couple weeks later we set out on our way to Wisconsin.  Leaving my house in Preston CT at the traditional "going to Oshkosh" departure time of 6:00 AM we headed west.

Norm proved to be a fine traveling companion and I was delighted to have him with me.  The first evening we stayed in Maumee OH, a bit south of Toledo, and drove the rest of the way to Oshkosh the following day.  We arrived in the afternoon and set about assembling our tent and gear.  My friend Tom from Columbus OH had beat us to the campground and had staked out a spot for us.  Near the shower building and more important close to the row of Porta-Johns. 

I had done some research on engine shows in the mid-west and on Sunday 22 July we headed up to Rosholt WI, about 60 miles northeast of Oshkosh for the 18th annual Theresheree and Tractor Pull.  Thank the Lord for the Magellan GPS device.  I don't know if we would ever have found Rosholt without it.

As is almost always the case the folks in Rosholt were welcoming and friendly to two fellows from far away.  Norm, who apparently knows EVERYONE in the hobby, met several fellows with whom had acquaintances in common.  Not to pat my own back but it was great to hear a number of people say that they were familiar with this web site and enjoyed the time they spent looking through its' pages.  Link to the Rosholt show photos Rosholt photos

Please go to the following pages to view the excellent photos that Norm Jones has added to the web site:

Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5    There are a LOT of photos and they have been broken into five pages to keep down load time under control.

DSC02277x.JPG (171502 bytes)  DSC02278x.JPG (144940 bytes)  DSC02279x.JPG (142350 bytes)  Setting up camp under the supervision of Roy Bear and Eddie Moose

DSC02372.JPG (130869 bytes)  DSC02373.JPG (120165 bytes)  DSC02374.JPG (177600 bytes)

DSC02375.JPG (131706 bytes)  DSC02376.JPG (96770 bytes) DSC02387.JPG (113499 bytes) Any sort of airplane can be seen at OSH.

DSC02377.JPG (83539 bytes)  DSC02378.JPG (78396 bytes) View of the main drag coming and going.  Probably should have waited for an attractive young lady to be passing by!

DSC02381.JPG (118836 bytes)  Saw this very neat homebrew bike in the campground.  Two regular bikes tied together with crossbars, the left seat front does the steering with a cross link to the right front wheel.

DSC02382.JPG (39438 bytes)  Very rare photo of the Goodyear blimp in the middle of a roll.

DSC02383.JPG (114230 bytes)  DSC02384.JPG (164976 bytes)  DSC02385.JPG (92693 bytes)  DSC02386.JPG (125947 bytes)  

These two young fellows were in tent with their Granddad a few camp lots down from us.  Leshawn (with the red shirt) lives in Detroit and his cousin Christian lives elsewhere in MI.  Very friendly and polite you gentlemen.  Next to them is Roy Bear, Eddie Moose and Roy's cousin Dr. Annie of Marysville OH.  Next is my buddy Tom Horch and Leshawn.  Next year will mark 30 years since Tom and I met at OSH.  Final photo is a friend of Tom's Scott of Bridgeport, CT, Tom Horch, Errol Groff and Norm Jones.  Scott and Tom both have Teardrop camp trailers.  Tom's is a scratch built unit.

DSC02389.JPG (160640 bytes)  DSC02390.JPG (157473 bytes)  Way cool little roadster in the campground.

DSC02391.JPG (102035 bytes)  DSC02392.JPG (104197 bytes)  This Grizzly is one of the many designs from the genius of Burt Rutan

DSC02393.JPG (96460 bytes)  DSC02394.JPG (915991 bytes)  B-17 Nose art

DSC02396.JPG (70673 bytes)DSC02402.JPG (41581 bytes)  Air Force C-17

DSC02397.JPG (94593 bytes)  DSC02400.JPG (87187 bytes)  Air Force C-117

DSC02398.JPG (78028 bytes)  DSC02399.JPG (73067 bytes)   Air Force U-2

DSC02401.JPG (99432 bytes)  U.S. Navy Albatross.  This plane rode on a launch rail at the stern of a battleship.  Launched of the rail it would provide air coverage for the fleet.  Upon return it would land in the water next to the ship and be hoisted aboard by crane.

  DSC02403.JPG (110464 bytes)  DSC02404.JPG (100541 bytes)  (L) F4U Corsair deck out in air race colors.  Next a rare F7G twin fighter.

DSC02405.JPG (94890 bytes)  DSC02406.JPG (103653 bytes)  This air craft was used in the Berlin airlift after the was when the cold was was heating up

DSC02408.JPG (94521 bytes)  DSC02409.JPG (90757 bytes)  DSC02410.JPG (207805 bytes)  DSC02411.JPG (120959 bytes)  DSC02413.JPG (59477 bytes)  B-24 Liberator bomber.  The B-24 flew more missions, dropped more tons of bombs than the more popular B-17 Flying Fortress but doesn't get the same glory.  Think your gas bill is high?  How would you like  to put hundreds of gallons of $4.39 gas in your vehicle?

DSC02407.JPG (114322 bytes)  Civilian tilt rotor aircraft

  DSC02414.JPG (71993 bytes)  DSC02415.JPG (89115 bytes)  Observation aircraft

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