7th Annual Metamora Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Show

Metamora, IL

We were leaving Oshkosh late Friday afternoon and looking for a show to visit on Saturday the 28th of July.  Sort of throwing darts at the map we chose to head to Metamora Illinois.  We logged in the address and followed the Magellan GPS gadget.  When we got tired we found a hotel and spent the night in Rockford IL.  The next morning we headed out on our journey.  Reaching Metamora much sooner than we had anticipated we found the show site no problem and started looking around.

We met Chuck Riggert, host of the event.  Chuck and his Dad have been collecting Allis-Chalmers tractors for decades and seven years ago decided to put their tractors on display and invite others to join them in a show of old iron.  As such things go the show has grown over the years and is now quite an event. 

DSC02416.JPG (136749 bytes)  The Riggerts own and operate this dining hall on the grounds where the show is held

DSC02417.JPG (941672 bytes)  DSC02418.JPG (121751 bytes)  DSC02419.JPG (994165 bytes)  DSC02420.JPG (108832 bytes) General views

DSC02421.JPG (114951 bytes)  Norm Jones beside a big Allis-Chalmers tractor

DSC02422.JPG (155799 bytes)  DSC02423.JPG (1070843 bytes)  DSC02424.JPG (150382 bytes)

DSC02425.JPG (147933 bytes)  DSC02426.JPG (142778 bytes) 

DSC02427.JPG (166273 bytes)  DSC02428.JPG (172246 bytes)  DSC02429.JPG (171495 bytes)  DSC02430.JPG (135046 bytes)  DSC02431.JPG (151752 bytes)  DSC02432.JPG (157391 bytes)

DSCF2184.JPG (156463 bytes)  DSCF2187.JPG (165750 bytes)    Various engines running

DSC02433.JPG (142518 bytes)  DSC02434.JPG (110977 bytes)  DSC02435.JPG (123668 bytes)  DSC02436.JPG (167056 bytes)  DSCF2201.JPG (171188 bytes)  Thumbnails like this one (a bit taller) are Norm Jones photos. 

Rock crushing machine

DSC02437.JPG (139748 bytes)  DSC02438.JPG (148224 bytes)  DSC02439.JPG (118671 bytes)  DSC02440.JPG (109171 bytes) Took four picture to get the whole name

DSC02441.JPG (127477 bytes)  Norm chats with fellow show goers

DSC02442.JPG (114855 bytes)  DSC02443.JPG (90920 bytes)  DSC02444.JPG (123168 bytes)  DSC02445.JPG (106549 bytes)  DSC02446.JPG (137869 bytes)  DSCF2185.JPG (150058 bytes)  DSCF2186.JPG (92444 bytes)DSCF2197.JPG (119618 bytes) 50 HP oil field engine.  The skid is white oak and was cut from one tree.  12"x24"x20'  BIG tree!

DSC02447.JPG (146465 bytes)  DSC02448.JPG (157030 bytes)  Cord saw

DSC02449.JPG (168316 bytes)  DSC02450.JPG (194122 bytes)  DSC02451.JPG (174262 bytes) 

DSC02452.JPG (151154 bytes)  DSC02453.JPG (197345 bytes)  DSC02454.JPG (175990 bytes)  Road grader

DSC02455.JPG (163666 bytes)  DSC02456.JPG (153283 bytes)  DSC02458.JPG (164901 bytes)  DSC02457.JPG (131021 bytes)

DSC02459.JPG (140262 bytes)  DSC02460.JPG (124164 bytes)  DSC02461.JPG (119455 bytes)  DSC02462.JPG (134403 bytes)  DSC02463.JPG (210088 bytes) 

DSC02464.JPG (204615 bytes)  DSC02465.JPG (154090 bytes)  I think that this was hitched to a horse, or more properly the horse was hitched to it, and the round and round movement of the horse converted to rotary motion of the output shaft.

DSC02466.JPG (193860 bytes)  Vietnam era "mule"

DSC02467.JPG (198674 bytes)  DSC02468.JPG (156610 bytes) 

DSC02469.JPG (213000 bytes)  DSC02471.JPG (252911 bytes)  DSC02470.JPG (107454 bytes)  Potato harvester

DSC02472.JPG (84441 bytes)  DSC02473.JPG (186496 bytes)  Mini dozer    DSCF2193.JPG (165068 bytes)  DSCF2192.JPG (180350 bytes)  DSCF2194.JPG (143473 bytes)

DSCF2189.JPG (208818 bytes)  DSCF2190.JPG (190871 bytes)  DSCF2191.JPG (195967 bytes)  Lucas Bandmill 

DSCF2195.JPG (176570 bytes)  DSCF2198.JPG (179702 bytes)  DSCF2200.JPG (146447 bytes)

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