William G Mather

Great Lakes Ore Carrier

After our visit to Ohio Brush we decided to go downtown Cleveland so I could pick up a couple of George Thorogood and the Destroyers CDs from the Rock and Roll  Hall of Fame which is on the waterfront in the city.  I had mentioned to Norm that my wife and I were going to a concert by that group on 16 August.  Norm was not familiar with the group so I took the opportunity to expand his musical horizons.  When we got to the RnR Hall of Fame I remembered (when I saw it) that the freighter ship was moored there and we decided to visit it.  The Mater is a retired lake freighter and is open to the public for a nominal fee.  The visit was well worth the time and the self guided tour let us learn quite a lot about that type of ship.  There were several docents in different areas of the ship to answer questions and explain details of the ships operation.

The slightly taller thumbnails are Norm Jones photos,  thanks Norm for the pictures!

We will start off with a few photos of the area around where the ship is moored.  

DSCF2202.JPG (101877 bytes)  DSCF2206.JPG (103000 bytes)  DSCF2203.JPG (72999 bytes)  Don't know what is being mined here near Chicago but it sure is a big hole in the ground.

DSC02544.JPG (142907 bytes)  The flower displays are much more attractive in the summer than when my wife and I visited the area on our way to NAMES back in April

DSC02545.JPG (138301 bytes)  One of the high points of the complex is the stadium where the Cleveland Browns professional football team (the real kind) plays.

DSC02546.JPG (183405 bytes)  DSCF2211.JPG (46067 bytes)  The wind turbine is part of the Great Lakes Science Center's exhibit on renewable energy.  Also included are an array of photo-electric panels.

DSC02547.JPG (97934 bytes)  This monument commemorates the sacrifice of firefighters in the Cleveland area.  DSCF2209.JPG (126293 bytes)

DSC02550.JPG (105596 bytes)  View from the lobby of the Science Center onto the lake.  

DSC02551.JPG (110427 bytes) Adjacent to the Science Center is the Rock and Roll of Fame.  

DSC02553.JPG (135064 bytes)  DSCF2217.JPG (116651 bytes)  DSCF2216.JPG (132426 bytes)  DSC02554.JPG (79197 bytes)  DSC02555.JPG (95921 bytes)  The William G. Mather 

DSCF2220.JPG (95371 bytes)  Big whistles

DSC02558.JPG (154646 bytes)  DSC02559.JPG (178917 bytes)  Two crew cabins

DSC02560.JPG (105725 bytes)  DSC02562.JPG (103551 bytes)  DSC02586.JPG (122058 bytes)  DSC02587.JPG (94952 bytes)  DSCF2221.JPG (113959 bytes)  The engines in the center of the photo are used to haul back the heavy steel cargo hold covers.

DSC02561.JPG (157718 bytes)  DSC02563.JPG (137643 bytes)  When you look over the side of the ship and visualize what it must be like to be lowered to the dock on this contraption it makes me glad I am not a sailor.  As is often the case I have nothing but respect and admiration for those who do the jobs necessary to keep the wheels of commerce turning.

DSC02565.JPG (94352 bytes)  DSC02567.JPG (80127 bytes)  DSC02570.JPG (84585 bytes)  DSC02571.JPG (79320 bytes)  DSC02572.JPG (73297 bytes)  Passenger berthing spaces

DSC02568.JPG (72346 bytes)  A small galley

DSC02573.JPG (86099 bytes) View of the Lakeside Airport

DSC02574.JPG (90987 bytes)  RnR Hall of Fame  DSC02575.JPG (94916 bytes)  Downtown Cleveland  DSC02576.JPG (106642 bytes)

DSC02578.JPG (109832 bytes)  DSC02579.JPG (90384 bytes)  Captains office and sleeping quarters

DSC02581.JPG (133818 bytes)  DSC02582.JPG (99289 bytes)  On the bridge DSCF2227.JPG (144333 bytes)  DSCF2228.JPG (150765 bytes)  DSCF2229.JPG (112973 bytes)

DSC02583.JPG (182547 bytes)  View from the bridge toward the stern

DSC02584.JPG (118610 bytes)  DSC02585.JPG (86016 bytes)  

DSC02588.JPG (125093 bytes)  DSCF2231.JPG (143525 bytes)  View from the stern toward the bow

DSC02589.JPG (134210 bytes)  Manual winch

DSC02590.JPG (129697 bytes)  Hatches with thick skylights provide ventilation and light into the engine spaces

DSC02591.JPG (135969 bytes)  DSC02592.JPG (108488 bytes) Auxiliary oil storage

DSC02593.JPG (83088 bytes)  DSC02594.JPG (92522 bytes)  DSC02595.JPG (138891 bytes)  DSCF2232.JPG (137612 bytes)  Emergency steering wheel.  It took four men to man the wheel.  

DSC02596.JPG (108219 bytes)  Company big wigs stateroom  DSC02597.JPG (112626 bytes)  Visiting dignitary dinning space

DSC02598.JPG (119406 bytes)  Bill of Fare      DSC02599.JPG (92424 bytes)  DSC02611.JPG (137133 bytes)DSC02607.JPG (102728 bytes)  Ships officers dining space   

 DSC02608.JPG (102666 bytes)  DSC02609.JPG (99246 bytes)  Ships galley and crew dining space

DSC02600.JPG (125354 bytes)  DSC02601.JPG (123850 bytes)  Mooring winch

DSC02602.JPG (117890 bytes)  

DSC02603.JPG (125489 bytes)  DSC02604.JPG (99247 bytes)  DSC02605.JPG (130644 bytes)  Ships tiller and accompanying winches

DSC02610.JPG (131552 bytes)  DSC02615.JPG (138945 bytes)  DSC02616.JPG (103308 bytes)  DSCF2233.JPG (158197 bytes)  Ships steering gear.    

DSC02611.JPG (137133 bytes)  DSC02614.JPG (139977 bytes)  DSC02613.JPG (133641 bytes)  DSC02617.JPG (121595 bytes)  Machining space

DSC02618.JPG (162407 bytes)  DSCF2235.JPG (171230 bytes)  DSC02622.JPG (119060 bytes)  (L) View of the engines (R) Propeller shaft  (not a great shot, the flash on my camera doesn't have the reach for it so I braced the camera on a solid surface and hoped for the best)

DSC02620.JPG (118575 bytes)  DSCF2234.JPG (144223 bytes)  Auxiliary power plant 

DSC02621.JPG (154457 bytes)  DSC02626.JPG (104889 bytes)  DSC02625.JPG (134666 bytes)   (L) Oil burner   (C) One of two oil tanks  (R) toll board in the engine spaces

DSC02628.JPG (69661 bytes)  DSC02630.JPG (113828 bytes) 

DSC02632.JPG (101055 bytes)  DSC02633.JPG (115840 bytes)  DSC02635.JPG (83968 bytes)  Photography is not permitted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but pictures can be taken in the lobby.  These are props that were used in various arena shows

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