EAA Fly-In and Convention

Oshkosh 2006


These are some assorted pictures I took at the fly-in.  

PICT0002A.JPG (33566 bytes)  PICT0004A.JPG (50964 bytes)  (L) The brown bear with the patriotic neck scarf if Roy's cousin Dr. Annie.  Roy Bear in his yellow shirt and Eddie Moose wearing his vest.  The boys look forward to seeing Dr. Annie at Oshkosh.  She comes to Oshkosh with my friend Tom Horch from Marysville OH and is personal physician to Tom's daughter Molly.  

PICT0003A.JPG (49840 bytes)  PICT0006A.JPG (48543 bytes)  PICT0007A.JPG (58474 bytes)  Tom arrived this year with this scratch built "teardrop" trailer.  Popular in the 1930's they are making a comeback and may be purchased new or built from plans or, in Tom's case scratch built.  As the right photo shows Tom was visited by any number of folks who were interested in his project.  The trailer is beautifully built and can easily be mistaken for a factory job.

PICT0008A.JPG (56931 bytes)  This is the main entrance arch into the convention grounds

PICT0009A.JPG (46349 bytes)    PICT0017A.JPG (45253 bytes)  PICT0018A.JPG (36276 bytes)  There are four huge, hanger size, exhibit buildings which house hundreds of commercial exhibits.  This view of one of the aisles gives a small glimpse of the size of the layout.  One of the exhibitors was Mutt Muffs, ear protection for your dog.  Light aircraft cabins are noisy environments and since a dog's hearing is much more sensitive than ours these seen like a good idea.  The woman who owns the company says that when she picks up the muffs her black Lab knows that it is time for an airplane ride and is raring to go.

PICT0010A.JPG (59978 bytes)  PICT0011A.JPG (53099 bytes)  PICT0012A.JPG (94159 bytes)    


PICT0013A.JPG (61702 bytes)  PICT0014A.JPG (66004 bytes)  PICT0015A.JPG (64920 bytes)  PICT0016A.JPG (57719 bytes)  

PICT0019A.JPG (46119 bytes)  PICT0020A.JPG (45220 bytes)  

PICT0021A.JPG (40301 bytes)  PICT0022A.JPG (45962 bytes)  PICT0023A.JPG (45961 bytes)    PICT0045A.JPG (31932 bytes)  This Air Force B1B Lancer was on display for most of the week.  

PICT0024A.JPG (59821 bytes)  PICT0025A.JPG (66055 bytes)  This Sikorsky flying boat is owned by the Johnson Wax company and harkens back to the day when the company searched the jungle wilds to find the carnauba waxes that the company is famous for.

PICT0026A.JPG (57421 bytes)  PICT0027A.JPG (66487 bytes)

PICT0028A.JPG (35139 bytes)  PICT0029A.JPG (38297 bytes)      PICT0063A.JPG (35502 bytes) 

PICT0031A.JPG (37593 bytes)  PICT0032A.JPG (40677 bytes)

PICT0033A.JPG (53889 bytes)  A view down one of the lanes in the Fly Market.  Airplane stuff, cooking pots, tee shirts, you name it you will probably find it in this section.

PICT0034A.JPG (44416 bytes)  PICT0035A.JPG (42192 bytes)  PICT0036A.JPG (62518 bytes)  PICT0037A.JPG (65466 bytes)  PICT0038A.JPG (48376 bytes)   a few miles north of Oshkosh is this interesting store.  Inside is it sort of a large Dollar store sort of place but outside is this collection of oddities.

PICT0040A.JPG (59534 bytes)  PICT0041A.JPG (50088 bytes)     

PICT0042A.JPG (41432 bytes)  PICT0043A.JPG (28964 bytes)  PICT0044A.JPG (28948 bytes)  Air Force C-17

PICT0046A.JPG (12113 bytes)  PICT0047A.JPG (12627 bytes)  The Blue Angels do not perform at OSH but did a few fly bys to show off.

PICT0048A.JPG (50583 bytes)  PICT0049A.JPG (43310 bytes)  PICT0050A.JPG (63637 bytes)  PICT0051A.JPG (37793 bytes)  PICT0055A.JPG (43079 bytes)  PICT0052A.JPG (31696 bytes)

One of the very few flying Lancaster bombers left in the world.  This one is based in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. 


PICT0053A.JPG (47426 bytes)  PICT0054A.JPG (38999 bytes)      PICT0056A.JPG (30479 bytes)  PICT0030A.JPG (51798 bytes)

PICT0057A.JPG (32254 bytes)   A B-24 Mitchell bomber.  This is the type of plane flown in WWII. by George Mitchell, Senator and Presidential candidate from South Dakota.

PICT0058A.JPG (58503 bytes)  PICT0059A.JPG (70610 bytes) 

PICT0060A.JPG (37789 bytes)  PICT0061A.JPG (36159 bytes)  Prototype of the Honda light jet.  As with pretty much all things Honda it is very pretty and looks like it will be a real popular addition to the Honda product lineup.

PICT0062A.JPG (45471 bytes)  That's me, Errol Groff, towering over Ginny Rice.  Ginny is the head honcho at the main registration building where tickets to the convention are sold and I have worked for her for many years.  The convention runs on volunteers and I am happy to contribute 15 or 20 hours to the effort.

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