The Noack Organ Company

Georgetown, Massachusetts

4 November 2006

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In the November NEMES Gazette president Dick Boucher mentioned an upcoming open house at the Noack Organ Company.  He mentioned it again at the membership meeting on the 2nd and I decided that it sounded more interesting than whatever my wife might have in store for me on a Saturday afternoon.  So after the weekly trip to the dump, ahh, transfer station in town we headed north to Georgetown.

What occasioned the open house was the completion of an organ that is to be delivered to  Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania.  Here are photos of the organ and the shop of the Noack Organ Company.

P1010001.JPG (47774 bytes)  This is the instrument that we had come to see and hear

P1010005.JPG (54034 bytes)  P1010006.JPG (65677 bytes)  P1010007.JPG (60545 bytes)  P1010008.JPG (41852 bytes)  P1010009.JPG (44975 bytes)  P1010023.JPG (47037 bytes)

The second and third photos give you an idea of the amazing number of pieces that make up a large organ


P1010002.JPG (39392 bytes)  P1010003.JPG (33217 bytes)  P1010004.JPG (48282 bytes)  P1010021.JPG (61895 bytes)  P1010022.JPG (35297 bytes) 

This instrument is under construction and gave an opportunity to see parts that are normally not ever seen

P1010010.JPG (21188 bytes)  P1010011.JPG (31890 bytes)  (L) a series of wooden pipes awaiting assembly and (R) a small upright style organ

P1010012.JPG (51261 bytes)    P1010013.JPG (38372 bytes)  P1010014.JPG (37198 bytes)  P1010015.JPG (48051 bytes)  P1010016.JPG (38333 bytes) 

In the basement work area are a 9" south Bend lathe, an Enco mill drill and a cutoff saw built into a long table

P1010017.JPG (36933 bytes)  P1010018.JPG (44987 bytes)  P1010019.JPG (47517 bytes)  Upstairs are offices and another wood shop area

  P1010020.JPG (39547 bytes)  P1010024.JPG (43180 bytes)   Woodworkers can never have too many clamps or it seems too many Forstner bits

P1010025.JPG (40185 bytes)  P1010026.JPG (48814 bytes)  Members of NEMES who attended the open house

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