Central Mass. Steam, Gas & Machinery Association

Orange MA

26 June 2010

  You Tube video from the show

As always if you see yourself or your engine or other equipment and would care to send along a paragraph or two about your display please email it to errol.groff@snet.net and I will add it to this page.

This was a GREAT day for an engine show!  Bright and clean with just enough overcast to keep the sun from being excessive.  The show seemed very well attended with many exhibitors and visitors.  All in all a great day.

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DSC00202.JPG (211377 bytes)  Nifty drag shovel.  Horse or mule drawn these were used in the building of the Erie Canal across New York state.

DSC00192.JPG (185904 bytes)  DSC00193.JPG (178450 bytes)  DSC00194.JPG (220157 bytes)  Never saw a front wheel quite like this one.  Anyone know its' purpose, other than steering of course.  Email me at errol.groff@snet.net  please.

DSC00200.JPG (138698 bytes)  You can see just about anything at a show like this.  I think that this may be a model call Das Little Stick (48" wing span), scaled down from Das Stick which had a 60" wingspan.  I built several of these MANY years back when I was active in the R/C hobby.

DSC00203.JPG (179755 bytes)  DSC00204.JPG (180633 bytes)  DSC00205.JPG (199241 bytes) At this point in our tour of the grounds my camera lens decided to stop auto focusing.  Would not even let me manual focus.  Fortunately I had a memory card in the video camera and was able to continue using that to take still photos. They have a different ratio but different is better than none.

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IMGA0052.JPG (158279 bytes)  Jim Paquette, faithful companion to Edgar, world famous dounut hound.

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