36th Annual Central Massachusetts Steam, Gas and Machinery Association

Yankee Engine-uity Show

23 June 2012


Photo Slide Show Part A and Part B and Show Video HERE

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There will be video from this show but I am far behind the curve so it probably will be several days before that is done.

Well, this was a busy weekend.  The show in Orange on Saturday followed on Sunday by an American Truck Historical Society event at the Brooklyn Fair Grounds in Brooklyn CT and the annual Van Brocklin meet at Waushakum Live Steamers.  

I got to Orange and fired up the camera only to find that the battery was completely dead.  Switch to the back up battery and start taking pictures without a hitch so that was good.  In the evening I put the dead battery on the charger to no avail.  It appears to be complete toast so I will have to order a new one.  Can't afford to be at shows without a back up.

The day started out fine in Orange but the skies soon darkened and got very threatening but only a short sprinkle fell although the skies remained threatening.

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DSC05359.jpg (312873 bytes)  DSC05360.jpg (196194 bytes)  DSC05354.jpg (300487 bytes)  DSC05355.jpg (128836 bytes)  These items are abaliable from Bob Barrett of Middletown NY.  845-386-3962

DSC05361.jpg (192128 bytes) A derrick lantern, also know as a "Yellow Dog" lantern

DSC05364.jpg (276149 bytes)  L to R are Norm Jones, Gene Martha, Bea Boucher and Gail Martha (some of the usual suspects)

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