HasBrouck #8 Engine

Errol Groff

I have been working, on and off, of this engine for about three years.  I teach at at a vo-tech high school and push hard on the engine during the summer when there is peace and quiet in my school shop.  This past summer there was roof work being done on the building and I was locked out of my shop so that was a real set back but now good progress is being made.  One of my junior students is now working on the engine with me and that has been a great help.

I have CAD (Mastercam) drawings of many of the parts of this engine and have been posting them to the group site in DXF or IGS format.  This is done with Ray's permission to help out other fellows who might have access to CNC mills or lathes.  The drawings are not dimensioned for the most part so would not be of use to anyone wishing to steal Ray's hard work.  If you have access to MC Ver. 9 I would be willing to send the native MC9 drawings to you.

DSC05602.jpg (79030 bytes)  DSC05603.jpg (76011 bytes)  DSC05604.jpg (82724 bytes)  DSC05606.jpg (97007 bytes) DSC05609.jpg (89070 bytes)  DSC05610.jpg (82320 bytes)