NOSTALG1A (Author Unknown)

What's that contraption over there you say,
The source of power from grandpa's day
Putt, putt, pop if they could only speak,
They'd tell a tale that's quite unique.

One Lungers we've heard them proudly called,
They did the work before electricity was installed.
Pumping water and bailing hay,

Washing wash on laundry day.

Mixing mixes and grinding feed,

These engines took care of every need.
Two flywheels, piston and water hopper,

You could lug her down but you couldn't stop her.

. Belts and pulleys, hit and miss,

They send us back in nostalgic bliss.
From days gone by like phantoms return,
1n rafts of smoke from the gas they burn.

The Economys, John Deeres, Red, Green, even Blue,
McCormick, Sandwich; yes dear, Maytags, too.
Chanticleer, Monitor, to mention two more,
Water-cooled, Air-cooled, they're like a door,

Or a bridge if you like, to the days gone by,

Gone but still here like Mom's apple pie.

Their fascination and splendor are things to behold,
These crazy contraptions, from days of old.

But listen as, BANG, there goes one or two,

They're a beautiful sight, and their music is too.
But those days have left us so that music you know,
Comes from the Early Day Engine Show.

The show takes us back to that yesteryear,

With those shellers, pump jacks, and engines so dear,
So long live the engines and engine shows too,

They're a part of our heritage, like Red, White, and Blue.

Thanks for attending and celebrating our 40th year!

Pepperell Crank-Up
Antique Tractor and Engine Show
Pepperell, Massachusetts

July 13. 2014