NJLLOG visits Fred Eisner;s Pre Owned Tool Emporium

Fred Eisner - Used Machinery and Tools Bought and Sold

922 Old NepperhamRoad, Yonkers NY        914 963 7667 or  imsteamer21@hotmail.com

On Sunday April 11 2005 members of the New Jersey Logan Lathe Owners Group (along with several members of the NEMES who have the good taste to belong to both groups) journeyed to Fred Eisner's place in Yonkers NY.  The get together was ramrodded by NJLLOG founder and leader Joe Schultes. 

We gathered at Fred's and spent a couple of hours looking at machinery, talking and learning a thing or two that we didn't know before. 

Here are some pictures of Fred's shop

P4100140.JPG (13542 bytes) This folder brake was one of the first things I saw upon entering

P4100141.JPG (24553 bytes)  I believe this was a Clausing mill with a B'port head mounted

P4100142.JPG (31284 bytes)  P4100150.JPG (21851 bytes)  P4100151.JPG (24183 bytes)  Fred had a nice selection of small Atlas shapers literally on the shelf

P4100143.JPG (27046 bytes) There were a number of good size bandsaws to choose from

P4100144.JPG (22800 bytes)  P4100145.JPG (23403 bytes)  This locomotive is one of Fred's ongoing projects

P4100146.JPG (28767 bytes)  I really like old boxes and this one was neat

P4100147.JPG (17793 bytes)  A pair of small surface grinders were available

P4100148.JPG (19959 bytes)  P4100149.JPG (27297 bytes)  This very nice pair of small mills were already spoken for

P4100152.JPG (21345 bytes)  In our shop at school we have one of these alligator clip squeezers but ours is about one fourth the size of this one. 

P4100153.JPG (25672 bytes)  Our host Fred Eisner.

P4100154.JPG (29138 bytes)  Small heat treat oven

P4100155.JPG (15610 bytes)  Dave Bono holds a set of watch maker lathe collets

P4100156.JPG (36385 bytes)  Some of the NJLLOG folks

P4100157.JPG (17597 bytes)  Here is the group as a whole.   Left to right are:

Fred Eisner, Charlie Brighthaupt, Ken Klose,  Jim Steiner (F) and Joe Schulte (R), ???,  Bob Neidorf, Jim Benjamin, Errol Groff and Dave Bono (front)