New England Model Engineering Society

15th Annual Show - 19 February 2011

Slide Show HERE and Video here


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DSC08936.jpg (162558 bytes)  DSC08937.jpg (179093 bytes)  DSC08938.jpg (103089 bytes)  Bruce Murray's beautiful showman's wagon.  Also show are patterns and a cylinder block for the 1/3 scale 6 cylinder Jaguar engine he is scratch building.

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DSC08944.jpg (99606 bytes)  DSC08945.jpg (75835 bytes)  DSC08946.jpg (107771 bytes)  These are  parts that, in a few years, will be a 7.5 scale Union Pacific Challenger articulated engine.  The frame is for the front unit of the engine.

DSC08947.jpg (165911 bytes)  DSC08948.jpg (152496 bytes)  DSC08949.jpg (145471 bytes)  DSC08951.jpg (132711 bytes)  DSC08952.jpg (175040 bytes)  DSC08953.jpg (120816 bytes)  DSC08954.jpg (139011 bytes)  DSC08958.jpg (207164 bytes)  DSC08959.jpg (193447 bytes)  DSC08968.jpg (165717 bytes)  DSC08969.jpg (149266 bytes)  DSC08971.jpg (127774 bytes)  DSC08972.jpg (182238 bytes)  DSC08973.jpg (154518 bytes)  DSC08975.jpg (167670 bytes) 

DSC08976.jpg (112783 bytes)  DSC08977.jpg (117655 bytes)  Frank Dorion built this very effective spring winder. Frank hopes to have a construction article in a future HSM but if that doesn't happen he will make plans available.  If you are interested email me ( ) and I will forward your inquiry to Frank.

DSC08960.jpg (130202 bytes)    DSC08962.jpg (168310 bytes)  DSC08963.jpg (178597 bytes)  DSC08964.jpg (134294 bytes)  DSC08961.jpg (189395 bytes)  DSC08965.jpg (77975 bytes)  DSC08966.jpg (161921 bytes)  DSC08967.jpg (101544 bytes) These are some items from the museums current Steampunk exhibit.


20 February:  Just received from Bob Neidorff our Gazette publisher and mailer outer these photos.  Thank you Bob!!

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DSC08917.jpg (173423 bytes)  DSC08918.jpg (194645 bytes)  DSC08934.jpg (149778 bytes)  DSC08978.jpg (103709 bytes) Far left is a trunk full of cakes and goodies baked by Terri Groff.  Also in the photos are Sue Brackett, Lisa Baker. Skillfully avoiding the photographer were Bea Boucher, Gail Martha, Leslie Jones and Romayne Bono, whose full trunk photos were not available.  Huge volumes of food were donated to feed the hungry Visigoths who descended upon the food tables at noon time.  Sale of goodies at the show is a chief fund raiser for the club during the year. 

Circle February 18th on your calendar for 2012!

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