New England Model Engineering Society

14th Annual Show 2010

February 20 2010 brought around our 14th annual club show.  Started as an opportunity for club members to show off their work our show has always been open to anyone who wished to participate.  Just show up with your models and find some table space to get in on the fun. 

The hall that we use is the same space where we hold our monthly meetings at the Charles River Museum of Industry.  The museum does not charge us for the monthly use of the space so by holding our show here is a big boost for the museum admissions fund.  The show date is usually the highest visitor count of the year!  In addition when our treasury gets fat we vote to write a substantial check to the museum to express our appreciation for their support.

  Link to Youtube video from the show. 

Show visitor Reed Sturtevant posted some photos here:

Member Dick Koolish has photos of the show here:

Al Goldberg photos HERE


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