New England Model Engineering Society

13th Annual Model Engineering Show

Waltham, Massachusetts

21 February 2009

Dick Koolish beat me to the punch with posted photos from the show.  

On 24 February I received via email some photos from Jim Hemenway.  Thank you Jim.  One of the real valuable things i think we get from contributed photos is the realization that we can all be at the same show and seem to see completely different things

Jim Hemenway page.

10 March 2009  Roger Sinnott sent a link to some show video he put up on  Thanks for sharing Roger.

Anyone who took photos at the show is welcome to send them to me and I will add them to this page.

DSC05572.jpg (122928 bytes)  DSC05573.jpg (104589 bytes)  (L) Dave Bono and Bill Brackett chat with show visitor

DSC05574.jpg (125878 bytes)  DSC05575.jpg (124892 bytes)  Great model engine

DSC05576.jpg (107433 bytes)  DSC05577.jpg (96414 bytes)  DSC05578.jpg (102838 bytes)  (L) Frank Stouffer and Ernest Smith tinkering with an engine

DSC05579.jpg (106171 bytes)  (L) Dave Piper and Ray HasBrouck

DSC05581.jpg (97802 bytes)  

DSC05582.jpg (120233 bytes)  Dave Osier (L) and Les Russell

DSC05583.jpg (102005 bytes)  

DSC05584.jpg (131492 bytes)  Dave Piper's scratch built, including patterns, double expansion engine

DSC05585.jpg (124479 bytes)  

DSC05586.jpg (89428 bytes)  Laurie Sabol and Russ Steeves chat

DSC05587.jpg (106211 bytes)  DSC05588.jpg (94795 bytes)  Ed Rogers.  The blue engine is either Ed's or Herb Cotterly's

DSC05591.jpg (111131 bytes)  

DSC05592.jpg (111118 bytes)  Beautiful model cannon is the work of Henry Szostek

DSC05593.jpg (108637 bytes)  Gene Martha and Vern Escher

DSC05594.jpg (121130 bytes)  DSC05595.jpg (118362 bytes)   Dave Shepherd shows a detail to a show visitor

DSC05596.jpg (77321 bytes)  Two of my students are building this same model but at the rate they are going aluminum may be obsolete by the time they finish

DSC05598.jpg (106490 bytes)  Steve Cushman and Ron Ginger

DSC05599.jpg (84547 bytes)  DSC05600.jpg (88956 bytes)  DSC05601.jpg (89753 bytes)  Dave Jarry of RI showed these great miniature models.  The carry cases are Altoid's candy size containers.  The U.S. dime is there for size comparison..

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