New England Model Engineering Society

12th Annual Model Engineering Show

Waltham, Massachusetts

16 February 2008

Our 12th annual show has come and gone.  Attendance was good both from the exhibitor side and the public side of the tables.

The amount of work that goes into setting up even a small show like ours is awesome and I extend a sincere "thank you" to all who took part in the effort.

DSC03315.jpg (93757 bytes)

DSC03316.jpg (116355 bytes)  (L) Gene Martha and Vern Eshbaugh

DSC03318.jpg (156776 bytes)  Radio control tractor  This video clip from last years show

DSC03319.jpg (90419 bytes) Alan Begbee (R) chats with another NEMES member

DSC03320.jpg (119385 bytes)  DSC03321.jpg (72569 bytes)  Dave Osier with his beautiful elbow engine.

DSC03322.jpg (108928 bytes) Max BenAaron (L) and Steve Cushman

DSC03323.jpg (82253 bytes)

DSC03324.jpg (93733 bytes) Les Russell (L) and Dave Bono

DSC03325.jpg (152604 bytes)  DSC03326.jpg (119903 bytes)  Items donated as door prizes for exhibitors 

DSC03327.jpg (116972 bytes) Ron Ginger (L) and Frank Dorian (C)

DSC03328.jpg (84859 bytes) Norm Jones with

DSC03329.jpg (91653 bytes)  DSC03335.jpg (102012 bytes)DSC03330.jpg (79525 bytes)  DSC03331.jpg (68280 bytes)  DSC03332.jpg (77184 bytes)  Sorry, at the moment I don't have the name of the artist/craftsman who make these items.

DSC03333.jpg (484771 bytes)  Russ Steeves (L) and Joe Ng  DSC03334.jpg (79923 bytes)  This photo is of a locomotive dome casting core and the casting complete with runners and vents.

DSC03335.jpg (102012 bytes)  DSC03336.jpg (73852 bytes) 

DSC03337.jpg (105555 bytes)  DSC03338.jpg (81901 bytes)  Rollie Gaucher's son in law Steve showed his work at flute making.  In the right hand picture are the various parts that make up the finished instrument.

DSC03340.jpg (99848 bytes)  This very nice steam boat was on display in an area that did not have enough daylight for a good photo but too much daylight for the flash to function. Darn.

DSC03347.jpg (98175 bytes)DSC03341.jpg (112642 bytes)  DSC03343.jpg (121938 bytes)  

DSC03344.jpg (140938 bytes)  DSC03345.jpg (180030 bytes)  Mike Boucher

DSC03346.jpg (87486 bytes)

DSC03347.jpg (98175 bytes)  DSC03348.jpg (78641 bytes)  Dick Boucher's fine work

DSC03349.jpg (118817 bytes) cut away of a Model A Ford engine

DSC03350.jpg (160921 bytes)  Museum exhibit

DSC03351.jpg (118050 bytes)  DSC03353.jpg (201792 bytes)  Fire apparatus

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