New England Model Engineering Society

Annual Show 18 February 2006

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PICT0040.JPG (48309 bytes)  Rollie Gaucher (L) and Henry Szostek

 PICT0042.JPG (42590 bytes)  Todd Cahill (L) chats with another exhibitor 

  PICT0043.JPG (43506 bytes)    

PICT0045.JPG (43458 bytes)  Dave Bono (foreground) chats with exhibitors

PICT0046.JPG (29729 bytes)  Sharon Cushman keeps track of door prize donations and winners

PICT0047.JPG (41520 bytes)  PICT0073.JPG (33390 bytes)  IMG_0020.JPG (177145 bytes) Photos left and center Errol Groff.  Right photo sent by Al Goldberg

  PICT0051.JPG (41386 bytes)  Ray Hasbrouck discusses one of his engines with a show visitor

 PICT0048.JPG (50507 bytes)  PICT0049.JPG (17443 bytes)  Two of the unusual kinetic sculptures on display 

PICT0052.JPG (39305 bytes)  PICT0053.JPG (43999 bytes)  Walt Winship built this version of the Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder

 PICT0056.JPG (31960 bytes)  PICT0054.JPG (36900 bytes)  PICT0055.JPG (38855 bytes)  Harvey Noel scratch built this hit and miss engine 

  PICT0058.JPG (39198 bytes)  PICT0059.JPG (46908 bytes)    PICT0076.JPG (35778 bytes)  PICT0081.JPG (43293 bytes)  PICT0084.JPG (35626 bytes)

PICT0082.JPG (31406 bytes)  PICT0083.JPG (40718 bytes)    PICT0085.JPG (28239 bytes)  PICT0088.JPG (41113 bytes)  PICT0060.JPG (34710 bytes)

PICT0086.JPG (28863 bytes)  PICT0089.JPG (43105 bytes)

PICT0061.JPG (42469 bytes)  PICT0062.JPG (39448 bytes)  PICT0063.JPG (45183 bytes)  Some views of the crowd at this years show

PICT0067.JPG (39560 bytes)  PICT0068.JPG (47842 bytes)  PICT0069.JPG (36857 bytes)    PICT0066.JPG (56894 bytes)

PICT0071.JPG (41703 bytes)  PICT0072.JPG (37834 bytes) Part of the museums exhibits is this watchmakers bench

PICT0065.JPG (51257 bytes)  Rear view of Rollie Gauchers Bently Rotary engine


PICT0077.JPG (42182 bytes)  PICT0078.JPG (36225 bytes)  Ron Ginger recently completed this engine.  

PICT0079.JPG (41411 bytes)  This young woman chatted so long with Dave Stickler I thought that he was running on the old Stickler charm full blast.  Turns out she is an engineering student and was discussing the properties of steam engines.  

IMG_0023.JPG (156559 bytes)  IMG_0025.JPG (142487 bytes)  Two Al Goldberg photos

 PICT0090.JPG (35446 bytes)  Nifty remote control bulldozer.  Note the height of the table top just behind the cab.

IMG_0002.JPG (189294 bytes)  Al Goldberg photo of one of Todd Cahill's beautiful engines

IMG_0003-1.jpg (195626 bytes)  IMG_0005.JPG (201653 bytes)  IMG_0006-1.jpg (215109 bytes)  IMG_0009-1.jpg (198665 bytes)  Al Goldberg photos of the museum areas

IMG_0015.JPG (165449 bytes)  IMG_0016-1.jpg (118211 bytes)  Portable spinning wheels (Al Goldberg photos)

  IMG_0029.JPG (236172 bytes)  Al Goldberg took this photo of the new plumbing in the show hall which is also our regular meeting hall.  This complex was not here when we had our regular meeting on February 2nd.  I should imagine that the pipe fitters who install this sort of thing bless the person who invented the clamp on fittings. 

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