North American Model Engineering Show

Toledo, OH

April 18, 19 2009

Our trip to the 20th North American Model Engineering Show started with a stop at the Glenn H. Curtis Museum in Hammondsport NY.  The museum is one of my favorites and this was probably my fifth visit there. It is a delightful small museum that honors the memory of one of the great early pioneers of aviation and motorcycle racing.

DSC05686.jpg (85851 bytes) My very patient and cheerful wife, Terri with Miss Taffy Bear and Eddie Moose. 

DSC05688.jpg (99348 bytes)  Marvelous miniature

DSC05690.jpg (113401 bytes)  DSC05691.jpg (132959 bytes)  DSC05692.jpg (128962 bytes)  DSC05698.jpg (101882 bytes)  At one time Glenn Curtis was the fastest man on earth having topped 120 MPH (193 KPH) on one of his motorcycles. 

DSC05694.jpg (122114 bytes)  DSC05695.jpg (154607 bytes) 

DSC05699.jpg (145317 bytes)  DSC05700.jpg (99847 bytes)  Roy Bear is ready to try anything.

DSC05701.jpg (115137 bytes)  DSC05702.jpg (90973 bytes)  DSC05703.jpg (112782 bytes)  DSC05704.jpg (103469 bytes) 

DSC05707.jpg (124141 bytes)  Very early lathe

DSC05705.jpg (106425 bytes)  DSC05706.jpg (138112 bytes) 

DSC05708.jpg (90406 bytes)  DSC05709.jpg (92425 bytes)  DSC05710.jpg (165845 bytes)  DSC05711.jpg (78869 bytes)  DSC05717.jpg (86745 bytes)

DSC05713.jpg (90689 bytes)  DSC05719.jpg (106757 bytes)  DSC05720.jpg (81626 bytes)  DSC05721.jpg (126069 bytes)

DSC05714.jpg (108484 bytes)  DSC05715.jpg (90965 bytes)  My wife once experienced a forced landing in this very type of aircraft.  A Beech Travel Air that she was a passenger in landed in a Wisconsin oat field after running our of gas.     

DSC05722.jpg (157823 bytes)  I thought that I had a photo of the name plate on this lathe, it is an old Lodge and Shipley or a LeBlond but I don't remember for sure now.

DSC05723.jpg (179515 bytes) 

DSC05724.jpg (130105 bytes)    DSC05726.jpg (88883 bytes)  I had never seen a South Bend lathe  with a L type spindle nose before.  Just goes to show that you learn something new every day if you just get up and get going.     

DSC05725.jpg (127786 bytes)

DSC05727.jpg (113046 bytes)  DSC05728.jpg (114579 bytes)  This Crosley aviation engine was undergoing restoration.  I have only ever seen pictures of it but the Crosley Moonbeam biplane is just the cutest thing you would ever seen

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