North American Model Engineering Society

Toledo, Ohio  U.S.A.

19 and 20 April 2008

This is written on Monday evening, 21 April 2008.  Just returned from Toledo, got the car unloaded, set things out for school in the morning and set to work processing photos of the show for these pages.

We had a great trip.  Saw lots of really great models, talked to quite a number of folks with whom I correspond on various bulleting boards and on the usenet.   The NEMES members in attendance had two very nice dinners out on Friday and Saturday night,  lots of fellowship and some really good food.

As usual the fellows of NAMES ran a great show.  Well organized and great fun to be at.

If you recognize your work (or your pals work) and it is not properly credited please don't hesitate to get in touch and  provide corrected information.  I will, of course, immediately make the correction on these pages. 

These video files are BIG.  Sadly if you are on dial up you probably will have to pass on trying to view them but there is a balance to be made.  If I process the clips so that fellows with slow connections have a chance to view them they are so degraded that there is not much point is looking anyway.  I am very please with most of these clips and hope that many of you will enjoy them.

I find that on my home computer (DSL) I have good result with clicking on the icon and going to something else while the clip loads.  An alternative that also seems to work well is to right click on an icon and download the clip to your hard drive then view the clip using your choice of viewer.

A lot of time went into creating these clips and I would welcome some feedback about them   Too long, too short, too big etc.  My email address is a couple of paragraphs above.

Double Murdock   Ryder Ericsson  Swash Plate Engine  

Engines_1  Engines_2  Engines_3   Engines_4  Engines_5   

Engines_6   Engines 7   Engines 8   Engines 9  Engines 10  Engines 11

Factory Engine  Slinky  Wooden engines  Green Engine  Case Tractor  

N Gage Train  Brass Loco  Grinding Wheel  Fans   Donkey Engine

Jimmy Sterner's Engine

DSC03472.jpg (116381 bytes)  NEMES founder Ron Ginger explains the working of a CNC machine to a show visitor. 

DSC03474.jpg (111840 bytes)  DSC03475.jpg (94782 bytes)  DSC03477.jpg (121501 bytes) DSC03478.jpg (139557 bytes)  Friday night dinner was at the world famous Tony Paco's.  In the second photo is Max Ben Aaron.  Next is Terri Groff outside the restaurant.

DSC03479.jpg (124001 bytes)  DSC03483.jpg (106586 bytes)  DSC03484.jpg (111008 bytes) A great radial engine model

DSC03480.jpg (104609 bytes)  DSC03481.jpg (109981 bytes)  

DSC03482.jpg (90670 bytes)  This great looking engine started out life as a compressor.  The builder said that since it had a crankcase, cylinder and a piston it was practically an internal combustion so he finished it up.

DSC03485.jpg (109115 bytes)  DSC03486.jpg (141049 bytes)  

DSC03487.jpg (112144 bytes)  DSC03488.jpg (114614 bytes)  DSC03489.jpg (113918 bytes)  DSC03490.jpg (89908 bytes)  DSC03491.jpg (104014 bytes)

  DSC03493.jpg (158720 bytes)  DSC03523.jpg (157747 bytes)  DSC03525.jpg (104386 bytes)  DSC03524.jpg (98599 bytes)  "locoguy" on the Practical Machinist board sent this info:

The Planer down eight rows in the picture link is confirmed Hendey machine serial number 3. No rust, original paint, virtually virgin condition.  Did not ask owner the price of his recent acquisition.

DSC03494.jpg (79703 bytes)  DSC03495.jpg (96829 bytes)  DSC03492.jpg (105092 bytes)

DSC03496.jpg (81060 bytes)  DSC03497.jpg (152328 bytes)  DSC03498.jpg (101277 bytes)  

 DSC03504.jpg (108478 bytes)  DSC03499.jpg (123620 bytes)  DSC03500.jpg (123077 bytes)  DSC03501.jpg (105283 bytes)  DSC03502.jpg (111414 bytes)  

Left most photo is Mr. Ginger Sr., Ron Ginger and his brother Ken.  Other photos are various permutations of the three talking with other NEMES members.

DSC03506.jpg (110872 bytes)  Another great looking radial engine

DSC03507.jpg (106696 bytes) L to R are Norm Jones, Errol Groff and Tom Horch.  Pushing their way into the shot are Roy Bear and Eddie Moose.  I met Tom at the EAA convention in Oshkosh Wisconsin in 1978.  We stuck up a friendship and have been meeting there most every summer since then.  Last year Norm traveled with the to OSH (the official abbreviation for the airport) and met Tom.  We had a GREAT time!  Roy and Eddie are my travel companions (along with my wife).  

DSC03510.jpg (85198 bytes)  One thing I really like at NAMES is that at 9:00 AM before the show opens things fall silent while the national anthems of the United States and Canada are played.

DSC03511.jpg (118898 bytes)  DSC03512.jpg (98222 bytes)  DSC03513.jpg (100613 bytes)  This nice work is done by Phil Oles who just recently started in our hobby.  Very nice work Phil!

DSC03514.jpg (126334 bytes)  DSC03515.jpg (147990 bytes)      DSC03518.jpg (178171 bytes)

DSC03519.jpg (238469 bytes)  DSC03517.jpg (142434 bytes)  DSC03517.jpg (142434 bytes)  Polished brass engines look great

DSC03520.jpg (168771 bytes)  DSC03521.jpg (281443 bytes)  DSC03522.jpg (90457 bytes)  My apologies to the builder of this great looking engine. I had thought it was a Pearl engine but just received this message from Pearl Engines:  .  

Hello Errol:
    I visited the NAMES images and offer a correction.  None of those shown under "Brass engines" and "Pearl Engines Of Vermont" are by my Pearl Engine Company (  Nice looking but, not mine.
Roger Grosser
Pearl Engine Company

If someone has the correct information about this engine I sure would appreciate hearing from you!

DSC03526.jpg (120992 bytes)  DSC03527.jpg (250707 bytes)  DSC03528.jpg (210004 bytes)  DSC03529.jpg (216541 bytes)  DSC03530.jpg (99738 bytes)

DSC03531.jpg (163865 bytes)  DSC03532.jpg (131233 bytes)  DSC03533.jpg (158982 bytes)    

DSC03536.jpg (264824 bytes)  DSC03535.jpg (89781 bytes)  DSC03534.jpg (130312 bytes)  DSC03537.jpg (86675 bytes)

DSC03538.jpg (123827 bytes)  DSC03539.jpg (80057 bytes)  DSC03540.jpg (112282 bytes)  DSC03545.jpg (144477 bytes)  DSC03549.jpg (102067 bytes)

DSC03541.jpg (116275 bytes)  DSC03542.jpg (84595 bytes)  

DSC03543.jpg (126079 bytes)  DSC03544.jpg (127678 bytes)        

DSC03548.jpg (162710 bytes)  This great display is mounted on a BIG valve from a giant air compressor

DSC03546.jpg (118964 bytes)  DSC03547.jpg (99762 bytes)  DSC03550.jpg (109376 bytes)  DSC03551.jpg (106941 bytes)

DSC03552.jpg (127730 bytes)  DSC03553.jpg (118649 bytes)  DSC03554.jpg (123815 bytes)  DSC03555.jpg (114225 bytes)  DSC03556.jpg (149871 bytes)

DSC03557.jpg (114942 bytes)  DSC03558.jpg (107314 bytes)  DSC03559.jpg (98581 bytes)  DSC03560.jpg (140755 bytes)

Cam-less 4 cycle engines.  Valves are controlled electronically and timing can be altered as the engine rises and falls through the RPM range.

DSC03561.jpg (145436 bytes)  Just the thing for a hall monitor at the average high school.

DSC03562.jpg (105775 bytes)  DSC03563.jpg (110950 bytes)  DSC03564.jpg (134829 bytes)

DSC03565.jpg (135377 bytes)  DSC03566.jpg (91682 bytes)  DSC03567.jpg (123047 bytes)  DSC03568.jpg (117292 bytes)  

DSC03569.jpg (75298 bytes)  DSC03572.jpg (85331 bytes)  It has become tradition for Rollie Gaucher and Dave Osier to pose with the boys at every show.  Unfortunately Dave came down with a severe medical problem just days before NAMES and was in hospital at home instead of with us at the show.  Frank Dorion was a good sport and stood in for Dave in the photo.

DSC03573.jpg (111218 bytes)  DSC03575.jpg (98231 bytes) 

DSC03576.jpg (90440 bytes)  This was as many of the NEMES members in attendance as we could corral at one time.  L to R are Rollie Gaucher, Frank Dorion, Max Ben Aaron, Ron Ginger, Norm Jones and Errol Groff. 

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