N.A.M.E.S. 2007

The 2007 North American Model Engineering Society show has come and gone.  Now it is time to redouble efforts to get those new casting kits machined, painted and polished for next years show.  

I, for one, had a marvelous time this year.  I had opportunity to meet a number of fellows from the r.c.m. newsgroup and a number of others from various bulletins boards such as the H.S.M. board.  It was very flattering to be sought out by a couple of guys who wanted to compliment me on the N.E.M.E.S. website.  The compliments are very much appreciated.  Also always welcome are any suggestions on how the web site can be made better.

I count myself fortunate to be associated with such a great bunch of friends as I have made in the New England Model Engineering Society.  The camaraderie and fellowship in our hobby is great and is a big part of the enjoyment of shows like NAMES. 

Every effort is made to credit the right builder with the right project but errors can creep in. If you recognize someone's work which is incorrectly credited please let me know right away so that I can correct the problem.  errol.groff@snet.net    Most of the photos here are my work but I certainly hope hat other members of NEMES who were at the show will share their photos with all of us.

I had great expectations for the videos from NAMES but when I started to process the clips I discovered that there was no sound!  I had bought a new microphone hoping to focus the sound pickup and eliminate some of the background noise but it turns out that when the external mike is plugged in, and the internal mike is cut off,  it all works better if the operator TURNS ON THE EXTERNAL MIKE!!!  Well, now I know and I won't make that mistake again.  I hope.

  Steam engine      Hot air engine       Woodpecker engine    Side wheeler engine

  Antique model engine       More hot air engines               Various engines

  Drag saw      "V" oscillating engine      Two cylinder steam engine      Corliss type engine 

  Hot air fan      Single Murdock Steam engine        John Deere by Lloyd Willhite

  Otto Dautz engine by Lloyd Willhite          Hot air engine      Ericsson engine


DSC01240X.JPG (88876 bytes)  DSC01241X.JPG (128945 bytes)  DSC01242X.JPG (139696 bytes)  DSC01244X.JPG (128405 bytes)  DSC01245X.JPG (141261 bytes) 

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DSC01259X.JPG (114898 bytes)  DSC01260X.JPG (88788 bytes)

DSC01261X.JPG (148116 bytes)  DSC01262X.JPG (129265 bytes)   

DSC01263X.JPG (149497 bytes)  DSC01264X.JPG (117639 bytes)

DSC01265X.JPG (151402 bytes) 

DSC01266X.JPG (150865 bytes)  Ron Ginger chats with a show visitor   DSC01267X.JPG (127243 bytes)  Max ben Aaron

DSC01268X.JPG (91042 bytes)  DSC01269X.JPG (116597 bytes)    Dave Osier and Frank Dorion

 DSC01270X.JPG (131948 bytes)  This is a single cylinder Murdock double acting, ocillating engine.  The photo above of Max ben Aaron also show a Double Murdock engine.  The double Murdock was built by Errol Groff of NEMES from a casting set sold by Clarence Meyers.

DSC01271X.JPG (133628 bytes)  DSC01272X.JPG (130093 bytes)           

DSC01273X.JPG (108169 bytes)  DSC01274X.JPG (142038 bytes)

DSC01275X.JPG (147088 bytes)  DSC01276X.JPG (153569 bytes)  DSC01277X.JPG (116474 bytes)  DSC01278X.JPG (123287 bytes)  DSC01280X.JPG (126364 bytes)

DSC01279X.JPG (123515 bytes)   

DSC01281X.JPG (119857 bytes)  DSC01282X.JPG (116717 bytes)  DSC01283X.JPG (119835 bytes)  DSC01284X.JPG (108515 bytes)  DSC01285X.JPG (98703 bytes)

DSC01286X.JPG (102493 bytes)  This was our Friday night super at the Park Inn restraunt. 

DSC01287X.JPG (114993 bytes)  DSC01288X.JPG (122424 bytes)  DSC01289X.JPG (128413 bytes)  DSC01290X.JPG (151557 bytes)  DSC01292X.JPG (39274 bytes)  Saturday night dinner was at the Spaghetti Warehouse.  A great meal and fine companionship.  I made the mistake of ordering chocolate cake for dessert and was roundly hazed.

DSC01293X.JPG (110285 bytes)  DSC01294X.JPG (100813 bytes)  DSC01295X.JPG (129101 bytes)  DSC01296X.JPG (191498 bytes) 

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