Mystic Seaport Antique Engine Show

15 August 2009

Mystic Seaport video, please click HERE

DSC06817.jpg (136838 bytes)  DSC06821.jpg (156025 bytes)  DSC06822.jpg (165241 bytes)  DSC06874.jpg (137106 bytes)  The Charles Morgan is the pride of the Seaport.  This summer it was hauled and a major overhaul begun.  The Morgan is the oldest sail whaling ship in the world and the Seaport hopes to have it on the high seas after the work is done.

DSC06818.jpg (162224 bytes)  DSC06819.jpg (168234 bytes)  DSC06861.jpg (83174 bytes)  Some engine smoke a bit when they start up!

DSC06820.jpg (108587 bytes)  DSC06824.jpg (205379 bytes)  DSC06825.jpg (216479 bytes)  DSC06826.jpg (211470 bytes)  DSC06850.jpg (157005 bytes) 

DSC06828.jpg (100570 bytes)  DSC06829.jpg (179353 bytes) 

DSC06830.jpg (99104 bytes) NEMES member Jack Craib and his wife unload his outboard for display.

DSC06831.jpg (147816 bytes)  DSC06832.jpg (126526 bytes)  DSC06834.jpg (147256 bytes)  DSC06835.jpg (134905 bytes)  DSC06836.jpg (156671 bytes)   

DSC06838.jpg (263966 bytes)  DSC06837.jpg (311543 bytes)  DSC06845.jpg (375761 bytes)  DSC06846.jpg (228785 bytes)  DSC06858.jpg (217839 bytes) 

DSC06859.jpg (145774 bytes)  DSC06860.jpg (121960 bytes) 

DSC06841.jpg (168407 bytes)  DSC06844.jpg (193226 bytes)  DSC06842.jpg (249572 bytes)  DSC06843.jpg (215867 bytes)  NEMES member Dave Bono is re-creating this 1890's engine from photos.  It was the "ohhh, ahhh" engine at the show with other outboard enthusiasts gathered around like little kids.

DSC06847.jpg (118418 bytes)  DSC06848.jpg (122869 bytes)  DSC06849.jpg (131616 bytes)  DSC06867.jpg (126309 bytes)  DSC06869.jpg (109914 bytes)  DSC06870.jpg (146957 bytes)  DSC06871.jpg (138068 bytes)  DSC06872.jpg (133948 bytes)  DSC06873.jpg (112437 bytes)  New this year was the pool for model boats to operate in.

DSC06851.jpg (150785 bytes)  DSC06852.jpg (154459 bytes)      DSC06854.jpg (139705 bytes)  DSC06855.jpg (127296 bytes) 

DSC06853.jpg (132970 bytes)  DSC06865.jpg (122118 bytes)  This is Rich Hubbard's launch. The right hand photo show his HasBrouck #8 engine that he built for the boat..

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