Antique Marine Engine Show

Mystic Seaport, Mystic Connecticut

16 and 17 August 2008

While I had attended the Antique Marine Engine Show before I had not displayed until this year and I am very happy that I decided to do so.  I had a wonderful time!  The boys, Roy Bear and Eddie Moose were with me and they had a fine time also.  We talked (OK, I talked, in fact, I talked to so many folks I was starting to feel like Norm Jones!) to dozens, maybe hundreds of visitors and had a great time promoting NEMES.  I hope that many people will accept my invitation to visit our meetings and our annual show in February.

There were a number of NEMES members in attendance, Rich Hubbard, Russ Steeves, Dave Bono, Dave Piper and best of all Ray HasBrouck.  One of Ray's engines was featured on the poster that promoted this years show and his engines were featured at the show. I am certain that there were more members there so if I have not mentioned your name here please let me know and I will add it to the roster.  

I will probably foul up some of the captions so please forgive me.  I know essentially nothing about marine engines so if there are errors don't hesitate to let me know.

A note about the video clips:  Because they are very large files I suggest retrieving the MPG clips like this,  right click on the camera icon, then left click on "Save target as",  tell your computer where you want the file to be saved then resume browsing.  After the file is saved look at it then delete if desired.  The WMV files should work fine just by clicking on the icon.

DSC04182.JPG (101076 bytes) DSC04264.jpg (90844 bytes)    MPG 12.3M    WMV1M     NEMES member Dave Piper.  Dave was showing off his scratch built double expansion steam engine.  He even made the patters for the head casting.  Dave has promised to send along some photos of the patterns and I will add them when I receive them.

Thanks Dave for the photos of the patterns for your engine.  Very much appreciated!

P8200131.JPG (112920 bytes)  P8200132.JPG (117307 bytes)  P8200133.JPG (122089 bytes)  P8200135.JPG (140743 bytes)  P8200136.JPG (130546 bytes)  P8200138.JPG (140896 bytes)

The story of the patterns.

I made the drawings of the patterns and brought them to Nashua Foundry for a consult. The person I spoke to was Pete Lyons. This was a while ago, I hope he is still there. He made some constructive criticisms of what I had drawn and the design was finalized.

I then commenced to making the loose patterns. No board or runners ect. Once complete ( About 200 hours of work.....3rd try was the charm) I brought the loose patterns to Pete. He approved. He then gave me one molding board and on this board he traced the location for each pattern.

My job was to then go home, assemble two more molding boards and mount the patterns to the boards in the location noted by his tracing. ( +/- about 1/2") This strategic location was to allow for the runners/gated to be mounted. Nashua did that work for me.

He then stated the I should show up on such and such a date at such and such a time and I could watch them pour the iron. Woooohoooo! That was fun as I had never seen iron poured on my parts before. They came out great!

I have one set of castings left. Maybe as spare if I have a problem.

  MPG 40M    WMV 4M  Dave Pipers engine and a very neat Hero's engine

DSC04183.JPG (172193 bytes)  Ray's double sized steamer  

DSC04184.JPG (105764 bytes) 

DSC04185.JPG (133505 bytes) DSC04186.JPG (124130 bytes)   MPG 19M     WMV 2M    

Very interesting steam steering rig from a big ship

DSC04187.JPG (121844 bytes)  DSC04189.JPG (112110 bytes)   MPG 49M    WMV 4M 

DSC04188.JPG (97247 bytes)  Didn't catch this young fellows name but he was actively participating in running the steering engine.

  MPG 28.5M    WMV 2.4M       Beautiful red launch engine

  MPG 27M    WMV 2M  Ray HasBrouck engines on the air table with other engines also

  MPG 22M    WMV 2  Two engines displayed by an older gentleman and his daughter

  MPG 70M    WMV 6M     Model engines on the air table

  MPG 20M    WMV 2M     Model engines on the air table

DSC04190.JPG (116774 bytes)  DSC04191.JPG (183959 bytes) DSC04232.JPG (137281 bytes)  DSC04265.jpg (86934 bytes)

DSC04193.JPG (145804 bytes)  Dave Bono and one of his students

DSC04263.jpg (135295 bytes)  So it wasn't all old engines.  This woman asked me about the camera that I used and I took her photo so she could see how well the camera works.  I think that the subject matter has a lot to do with the photo results.

DSC04194.JPG (163701 bytes)  DSC04195.JPG (195838 bytes)  DSC04196.JPG (112379 bytes) 

DSC04197.JPG (113239 bytes)  DSC04198.JPG (74779 bytes)  DSC04199.JPG (103133 bytes)  DSC04200.JPG (77016 bytes)  DSC04201.JPG (113923 bytes)  DSC04202.JPG (83550 bytes)

DSC04203.JPG (154982 bytes)  DSC04204.JPG (95775 bytes)  DSC04205.JPG (120680 bytes)  DSC04206.JPG (85395 bytes) 

DSC04207.JPG (223206 bytes)  DSC04208.JPG (101109 bytes) 

DSC04209.JPG (171132 bytes)  DSC04210.JPG (229340 bytes) There is collectors group for everything under the sun

DSC04211.JPG (187340 bytes)  DSC04212.JPG (100678 bytes)  DSC04213.JPG (117111 bytes) 

DSC04215.JPG (160667 bytes)  DSC04216.JPG (99230 bytes) 

DSC04217.JPG (116644 bytes)  The boys were set up in their chairs where they could keep an eye on things

DSC04218.JPG (147972 bytes)  DSC04219.JPG (140080 bytes)  DSC04221.JPG (104998 bytes)  Russ Steeves beautiful steamer 

DSC04222.JPG (105386 bytes)  DSC04223.JPG (122730 bytes)  DSC04224.JPG (147018 bytes)  DSC04225.JPG (181272 bytes)  DSC04226.JPG (118193 bytes)  

Melina is Rich Hubbard's recently completed launch.  It features a Ray HasBrouck designed #8 engine.

  MPG 68M    WMV 5M      Running the #8 HasBrouck engine

DSC04227.JPG (113182 bytes)  DSC04228.JPG (104336 bytes)  DSC04229.JPG (113183 bytes) 

DSC04230.JPG (131121 bytes)  DSC04231.JPG (98962 bytes) 

DSC04233.JPG (173814 bytes)  DSC04234.JPG (126656 bytes)   MPG 17M    WMV 1.4M

DSC04235.JPG (117159 bytes)  DSC04236.JPG (71418 bytes)  DSC04237.JPG (120844 bytes)  DSC04238.JPG (84201 bytes)  DSC04239.JPG (108756 bytes)  DSC04240.JPG (96156 bytes)

DSC04241.JPG (151343 bytes)  Now THAT is a bandsaw!

DSC04242.JPG (141454 bytes)  DSC04244.JPG (67518 bytes)  DSC04245.JPG (142619 bytes)  DSC04246.JPG (89453 bytes)  DSC04247.JPG (109911 bytes)  DSC04248.JPG (88932 bytes)

DSC04250.JPG (124423 bytes)  DSC04251.JPG (178310 bytes)  DSC04252.JPG (163329 bytes) DSC04253.JPG (122327 bytes)  DSC04254.JPG (151227 bytes)  DSC04255.JPG (109663 bytes)

DSC04257.JPG (127707 bytes)  DSC04258.JPG (137132 bytes)  DSC04260.JPG (93215 bytes)  DSC04261.JPG (91381 bytes) 

DSC04266.jpg (156842 bytes)  DSC04268.jpg (109363 bytes)  DSC04269.jpg (138469 bytes) 


View of the Charles W. Morgan the only surviving whaling ship in the world. 

  MPG 47M    WMV 4M  

DSC04270.jpg (115331 bytes)  DSC04271.jpg (188136 bytes)  DSC04272.jpg (126144 bytes)  DSC04273.jpg (77112 bytes)  DSC04274.jpg (74803 bytes) 

DSC04276.jpg (125905 bytes)  DSC04277.jpg (128570 bytes)  The cooking pots were used render the oil from the flesh of captured whales.  To add insult to injury for the whales when the blubbber was fully cooked down what was left was then burned to render the next whale.

DSC04278.jpg (106132 bytes)  DSC04279.jpg (121347 bytes)  DSC04280.jpg (128627 bytes)  DSC04281.jpg (113173 bytes)  Tow or three men on each end of this handle would work this windlass

DSC04282.jpg (120395 bytes)  DSC04283.jpg (153789 bytes)  Privy for the captain's wife.  It was considered bad luck to have a woman below decks!

DSC04284.jpg (93915 bytes)  DSC04285.jpg (113694 bytes)  DSC04286.jpg (96064 bytes)  DSC04287.jpg (143555 bytes)  DSC04288.jpg (164542 bytes)  DSC04289.jpg (119800 bytes)  DSC04290.jpg (132640 bytes)  DSC04291.jpg (118294 bytes)  Not every boat that visits the Seaport is a luxury cruiser.

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