2001 Model T Ford Snowmobile Rally

This picture set was originally posted in 2001 on our old web server but had to be removed for space considerations.  When I went to restore it on our new spacious server I was able to find the photos on my computer but not the text page.  So, I have reconstructed the text page as best as I could.  If there are corrections to be made I am sure that someone will let me know.  


Model T 1 Full.jpg (38860 bytes)  I had never seen a Model T Ford Snowmobile.  Heck, I had never even HEARD of a Model T snowmobile!  But when word spread through the New England Model Engineering Society that the Model T snowmobile association was having a winter rally up in New Hampshire in February '01 it seemed like a good excuse for a road trip.  My wife and I loaded the boys into the car (if you haven't seen the boys on other pages you will meet them soon) and took off for the Granite state.

Model T 2 Full.jpg (37218 bytes)  That's me, Errol Groff, standing by a Ford Snowmobile.  It was quite cold that day but the sky was crystal blue and the air was crisp.

Model T 3 Full.jpg (42039 bytes)  Here I am pointing to the tracks that make it possible for this auto to glide across the snow.  An extra axle is added under the car and the tracks are wrapped around the two wheels (on both sides of course).  The front axle is adjustable to provide tension to the track.  The regular real axle provides the drive.

Model T 4 Full.jpg (32383 bytes)  A close up of the track as it wraps around the rear wheel

Model T 5 Full.jpg (26630 bytes)  This car has the rear tracks installed but retains its normal front tires.

Model T 6 Full.jpg (28338 bytes)  Also seen at the rally is this steam traction engine, the Lombard Log Hauler.  This machine can normally be seen at Clarks Trading Post in North Woodstock NH.

Model T 7 Full.jpg (31951 bytes)  Another of the cars present

Model T 8 Full.jpg (47092 bytes)  This pick up truck has the tracks in back and in place of the front tires it sports a pair of skis to improve steering

Model T 9 Full.jpg (37636 bytes)  A better view of the steam log hauler

Model T 10 Full.jpg (32200 bytes)  This car was having difficulty.  The driving wheels were slipping inside the tracks and it was going nowhere

Model T 12 Full.jpg (41654 bytes)  Standing next to a postal delivery truck my heavily bundled wife, Terri, waits for the ride that had been offered to us.

Model T 13 Full.jpg (39390 bytes)  Hey, she wanted to ride in back.  Honest!  Riding inside wasn't a whole lot warmer I can tell you.

Model T 14 Full.jpg (35736 bytes)  The boys, Roy Bear and Eddie Moose,  tried their hand at snowmobiling.  They both decided that the warm van was a better way to go.  They are the best traveling companions.  Never complain, never need to stop for the potty and NEVER EVER ask if we are there yet.

Model T 15 Full.jpg (39483 bytes)  The boys check out the track mechanism

Model T 16 Full.jpg (34144 bytes)  This old snowmobile is more their size

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