Missouri State Fair Photos

These pictures are scanned from photos taken with the 35 mm camera.  I wish I had taken my digital camera with me into the fair.  Scanning photos is a real PITA.  Live and learn.  Usually the hard way!

The tractor in pictures 1-4 caught my eye as I had never seen one similar to it.  Not that I am such an expert on tractors by any means!  Pictured n 5 and 6 is a tractor sitting next to the Big Bull.

1.  MO_Fair_Tractor_1.jpg (50067 bytes)     2.  MO_Fair_Tractor_2.jpg (37639 bytes)   3.   MO_Fair_Tractor_3.jpg (38107 bytes)  4.  MO_Fair_Tractor_4.jpg (43363 bytes)     

5.  MO_Fair_Tractor_5.jpg (44226 bytes)    6.  MO_Fair_Tractor_6.jpg (44865 bytes)

Pictures 7-16 are FFA student projects.  FFA members are high school age kids and I was totally amazed at the workmanship and quality of their work. Pictures 10, 11 and 12 are of some sort of cow managing trailer.  Unfortunately there was no one around to explain what exactly it was for or how it was used. 

7.  MO_Fair_FFA_1.jpg (29173 bytes)    8.  MO_Fair_FFA_2.jpg (40832 bytes)     9.  MO_Fair_FFA_3.jpg (38711 bytes)   10.  MO_Fair_FFA_4.jpg (42480 bytes)   

11.  MO_Fair_FFA_5.jpg (92588 bytes)   12.  MO_Fair_FFA_6.jpg (25736 bytes)   13.  MO_Fair_FFA_7.jpg (54602 bytes) 14.  MO_Fair_FFA_8.jpg (28593 bytes)

Pictures 15 and 16 are a swing made in part of hoops that are part of a container to hold the HUGE round bales of hay for feeding the cows.

15.  MO_Fair_FFA_9.jpg (33117 bytes)    16.   MO_Fair_FFA_10.jpg (45100 bytes)  


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