MG T Register Rally

Mystic CT at the Hilton Hotel

My favorite daughter Sue books events and groups for the Mystic Hilton.  This weekend the MG folks were showing their favorite cars at the hotel and I went down on Thursday afternoon to take photos.  Tomorrow, Saturday 25 September I will go back and take more!

If you see your car on this page and would care to send along a note about its' history I will be happy to add it to this page.  Please hover your pointer over the thumbnail photo and include the photo number with your note so I know how to apply your info.  The photo number should be something like DSC07915.jpg  Send to

Thursday 23 September 2010

DSC07915.jpg (154743 bytes)  This MGTC is owned by Corky & Priscilla Guenther of Lenoir, NC.  It was driven 800 + miles to this event.

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DSC07935.jpg (157356 bytes)  Sue Dombrowski, my favorite daughter.  OK, only daughter.

Saturday 25 September 2010

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DSC07945.jpg (148423 bytes)  DSC07946.jpg (125654 bytes)  The following note received on 9 October 2010:

Hi Errol,
I see you photographed my car:-


You took very nice pictures of it, thank you. The car has been restored about 12 years. It was purchased completely assembled but not in very good shape. While I was disassembling it, the whole left side fell to the garage floor. When I finally got down to the frame, I took it to a professional car restorer who took the rusted parts of the frame off and welded in new metal. Then sandblasted the frame and painted it. When I got it home I coated the inside of the frame with a preservative through the holes where the rear bumper is fastened. Then the reassembly started, it took about two years to get it reassembled from a mechanical point of view. Then back to the restorer for the body reassembly and paint and chrome and all the other little details that make up a complete frame off restoration. It now drives like a new car and can keep up with traffic on the interstates.  It's really a joy to go places in it.

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DSC08000.jpg (145941 bytes)  DSC08001.jpg (110484 bytes)  DSC08002.jpg (137893 bytes)  DSC08003.jpg (119909 bytes)  DSC08004.jpg (93849 bytes)  This note received on 8 October 2010:  

Hi Errol,

I'm Bud Krueger from Plymouth, MA.  Your images #DSC8000 thru DSC8004 are of my friend, Paul Hinchcliffe, of Lakeville, MA and I.  Your boys are sitting in/on my 1952 TD, Lazarus.  There's a bit about Lazarus on my website.  Check out, or
It was a pleasure meeting you and the boys.
Bud Krueger


Many thanks to the folks who allowed the boys to sit in or on their cars!  The boys really thought it a treat!


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